Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Organic: ila Face Oil & RMS Living Luminizer

My skin's been super-sensitive lately, with harsh products easily irritating it. I've been thinking more about the kind of chemicals in products I've been putting on my skin. I decided to be kinder to my skin and try explore more into organic skincare.

Firtly, I'm reviewing ila's Face oil for glowing radiance.

Ila is a British organic beauty brand that bases their products on the principles of Ayurvedic healing. The name of the face oil I am trying sounds extremely promising, and the packaging is so inviting with its simple bright pink box.

According to ila, this face oil works as a moisturiser to nourish and revitalise skin. It contains damascena rose otto essential oil for regenerating and nourishing the skin's cells, as well as bringing glowing radiance. Argan oil and rosehip seed oil are high in anti-oxidents and fatty acids to fight wrinkles and helps skin cells to regenerate.

What I think:
It states on the box that the product is 92.52% organic, but I know from past experience that organic ingredients does not necessarily mean that it won't irritate my skin. The oil itself feels and smells luxurious. The scent is an uplifting rose.

Here is a pic of the oil once it's been applied and spread out.

It's not so evident in the picture, but it does really provide an amazing glow. When it is applied onto my skin, the glow looks 'lit from within'. Alot of face oils are very irritating to my skin. This one seems alright now, but will update if I encounter any problems.

The downpoint to this oil would be that it's probably not suitable for oilier complexions. I can imagine it being too rich for those in more humid countries. I'll be travelling to Malaysia next month, and will be seeing how this oil works out in the tropics.

Keeping with the theme or organic beauty, I'm also reviewing the RMS living luminizer. This is one of my HG products, and reported fans of this include Gisele Bunchen and Mirander Kerr.

RMS beauty is an organic brand that strives to make products which are not only non toxic but also heals and nourishes the skin -sounds like my kind of makeup! the luminizer is a sheer mineral highlighter which gives a translucent sheen, for a gorgeous healthy looking glow. It comes in a frosted glass container. It's a satin pearl colour with has a lip balm sort of texture, but not oily.

I love it on my skin!! And it doesn't clog up or irritate my skin either. Am so happy I came across this product.

I especially love applying it across my cheekbones. I'll include it some of my future FOTDs so you can see what it looks like on the face.

Here's a sneak preview of a British brand of mineral makeup that I've been looking forward to try. It's Lily Lolo, and I've ordered some products as well as lots of little samples to try. Will review them soon!


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  2. Ooh they book look amazing. I'm gonna have to check out that rms one! (I'll wait to see how the first one does in Malaysia for you!)

  3. Great you are going organic! I think such cosmetic have a more wholesome approach to beauty most of the time :D

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  5. RMS luminizer looks beautiful on your hand. I love natural products and I am glad I found your blog. Following you :)

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