Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Blush G Serie Noire From Guerlain Spring 2011

Hi everyone. Here is a quick post on the new Guerlain Blush G. Guerlain is probably my favourite makeup brand of all time, and I've had my eye on this blush eversince I first saw promotional pics of it last year.

The price is terribly expensive at around ~£40 (the most expensive blush I have by far), but since this was my 'must-have' Spring 2011 product, I could not resist getting it. (Yes, I realise I have no self-control, but I'm trying really hard!)

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noir

This gorgeous blush is housed in a very sleek black case, which itself is wrapped in a luxurious looking black pouch with cerise lining.

The blush also includes a gorgeous hot pink and black brush in a seperate compartment below the actual blush itself.

The brush is not as soft as I would like. I much prefer the super soft brush that comes with Suqqu blushes.

Now onto the blush itself. This is where some might feel they get their money's worth. The blush contains 4 seperate shades.

All the shades contain tiny particles of gold shimmer. The first strip is a coral-orange shade, followed by a dark pink/ fushia colour. The third shade is a peachy-beige, followed by a pale pink.

The four colours allows you to pick and choose which shades to use to flatter your skintone.

I like just blending all 4 shades together, as I found this the easiest to do. All the colours together gave bright peachy-rose colour with gold simmer. The shade reminds me of Nars Orgasm, but with a more pink/rose colour. I really love Nars Orgasm, but sometimes wished it also came in a shade that was more on the pink side, so this blush for me is perfect.

Now I present to you the world's worst swatch. I'm so sorry for the bad quality. I feel that I should redirect you to temptalia, where her swatches are so far superior that it's truly embarassing!

Below is a blend of all the 4 shades on my cheek:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bright Cheeks, Pink Lips FOTD (using Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Imaginaire)

Hi everyone, for today's FOTD I focused mainly on the cheeks. It's miserable and cold outside, so I chose to use a cheerful peachy-pink shade of blush to brighten things up.

My blusher of choice is Illamasqua's Temble. It's a gorgeous bright colour. Like all Illamasqua's blush, it's heavily pigmented so I have to be careful not to have too heavy handed application.

I kept the eyes simple using black eyeshadow as liner, topped with a shade of natural brown on the upper eyelids.

On my lips, I used a pale cotton candy pink gloss. I'm loving the new Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Imaginaire at the moment.

Products Used


Pail and Joe Moisurizing Foundation Primer, 03

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup, 020

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, 002 as concealer

Illamasqua Blush, Tremble


17 Eyes, In The Nude

Mac Carbon as Eyeliner

YSL Faux Cils Mascara


Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss, Imaginaire

I don't really suit light pink gloss, as most shades wash out my complexion. The Chanel gloss deosn't seem to though, which is why I love it so much! I would love to try some milky beige coloured lip glosses.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chanel Lip Glosses & Mini Lip Haul from Dior Spring 2011

Hi everyone! I've got lip crazy lately, so here is a post on my last 2 months worth of lip haul (Five lip products in total! - I have to now self-impose a lipstick ban).

I bought the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Emoi and Imaginaire. These were bought at the airport on my recent trip to Malaysia.

The glosses have a new wedge-shaped applicator which was soft and springy on the lips.

Emoi is my favourite of the two. It's a reddish-plum colour that looks quite bold swatched on the hand, but it looks more sheer and pinkish when applied on the lips. Imaginaire is a pale, milky pink (my first pale pink lip gloss!)

Here are my lip swatches. Emoi:


Also from Chanel, I bought one of their new Spring 2011 lipsticks. Rouge Allure in Coquette. This lipstick has a pinkish-peach shade.

Here's a swatch of it on my hand:

and on my lips:

(I have to apologise for the bad swatch, it doesn't do the lipstick justice! I ran out of natural sunlight..)

I also got two lipsticks from the Dior Spring 2011 Collection.

I bought Serum de Rouge in Pinky Mauve Serum:

and Lipcolour in Chic Pink:

Swatches of Pinky Mauve (left) and Pink Chic (right):

Swatch of pinky mauve on my lips. It's a very shiney pale pink colour:

I completely forgot to take a lip swatch of Pink Chic, but here is an FOTD with it on my lips:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Xmas pressies from my family

Hi everyone! I've almost run out of things to post about, so decided to write a post on some of the really sweet Christmas presents I've received from my family. I know it's so late to be putting up Xmas presents but I've been waiting awhile for some sunlight over here so I can take some pics!

Xmas in KL was wonderful. Eventhough I had a terrible cold on the day itself, it was just so great to see my family again. We all chipped in to cook together a traditional Christmas dinner, and invited some relatives and close family friends to join us.

One of the things my lovely husband got me was a necklace from Tiffany's.

Since my engagement and wedding rings are from Tiffany's, my husband thought he'll get me a necklace from there too. I also like the name Tiffany as I had a beloved cat with the same name! You can almost see a heart in the pic below!

The pic below is the one that represents the true colour of the necklace the best. It's a really pale sea-green crystal.

My mum got me quite a few things things year, but my absolute favourite has to be this Ruby and Diamond ring. She chose the stones and designed it herself and got her jeweller friend to make it. My mum also designed a Sapphire and Diamond ring for my sis, which my sis loves the sentiment but thinks it's too 'bling'. Sigh.

I've never owned any rubies before. This is a pinkish-red one. My mum also took me to her jewellery making friend to design my own ring. It was the most fun hour and a half I've had. As it's the first ring I've ever designed, I decided not to go overboard and go for something simple instead. The ring is currently being made, and will be ready around March. Will show you a pic of it once it's made!

I also got this fun looking retro fan from my parents. It's a Malaysian brand, and I'll have to wait until it the temp here warms up slightly before I can use it!

Seeing as I really like rings, my mum also gave me this Citrine ring she got from China that she never wore. I really like the slightly Gothic look about it!

I got beauty related gifts from my sis in law. She gave me these great products from Nars. A nail polish in Adelta and Lip laquer in Chelsea girls.

My sis in law has a great eye. I LOVE this nail polish. It's such a beautiful pale peachy-gold. Really subtle for everyday wear.

The lip lacquer is a flattering nude shade:

My father got me this book entitled 'Kebaya Tales'. I know for a fact that he bought all his Christmas presents last minute in a mad rush on Christmas Eve, but I'm really pleased with his choice!

It's a collection of short stories on the Peranakans. Or Baba Nyonyas (an ethnic group originating 700 years ago when Chinese travelled to Malacca, Malaysia, Dutch-controlled Java and other locations). This book is special to me as I am a Nyonya/Part Nyonya and love to learn more about my Peranakan heritage. The concept of Peranakans is difficult to explain, so I may do so in a separate post, and add some nice pics to make it more interesting!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Non-Beauty Holiday Haul

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you some of the things I bought on my recent trip to Malaysia. Surprisingly I mainly stayed away from beauty products and bought clothes instead. KL is great for shopping, I especially love their small independent brands where I tend to find cute dresses. Everything there is so much cheaper than KL, so in retrospect these were complete bargains!

First up are my shoes. I got this pair from Vincci. I love the light sea-green colour of the shoes. My sis also bought a pair!

I found these cute little shoes in an independent boutique. The boutique is in Kuching, Sarawak where my mum was born. I went there to visit my grandma and other relatives.

The heel of these wedges are quite sweet - white with a red strawberry and berries pattern.

Yes, stores in Malaysia do sell boots. The weather is definitely too hot for them in KL, but luckily the weather here in the UK is freezing. These boots are from Vincci+.

The warm furry lining of the boots also came in handy for keeping warm.

I got the next two items from another independent boutique, this time in KL. I really love the colour of this dress, I really like deep serene colours.

The dress comes with a detachable belt, which is good as I can interchange different belts for a different look.

I also got this skirt from the boutique. It's like a relaxed, flowy version of a tulip shaped skirt! This skirt was a really good bargain at ~£5.

I got the dress below from one of my fave dress stores, Eclipse. The dress has kind of an African vibe to it which I like as I don't own anything like it.

I also about this cream and gold bag from Charles and Keith.

And this top from Mango, which I would wear with a short-ish skirt and belt. Maybe I'll do an outfit post as I'm terrible at explaining!

So that's my non-beauty haul for the holiday. Beauty items that I bought include Vichy's BB cream and a couple of Chanel lip glosses from duty-free. will do a separate post on them. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!