Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chanel Lip Glosses & Mini Lip Haul from Dior Spring 2011

Hi everyone! I've got lip crazy lately, so here is a post on my last 2 months worth of lip haul (Five lip products in total! - I have to now self-impose a lipstick ban).

I bought the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Emoi and Imaginaire. These were bought at the airport on my recent trip to Malaysia.

The glosses have a new wedge-shaped applicator which was soft and springy on the lips.

Emoi is my favourite of the two. It's a reddish-plum colour that looks quite bold swatched on the hand, but it looks more sheer and pinkish when applied on the lips. Imaginaire is a pale, milky pink (my first pale pink lip gloss!)

Here are my lip swatches. Emoi:


Also from Chanel, I bought one of their new Spring 2011 lipsticks. Rouge Allure in Coquette. This lipstick has a pinkish-peach shade.

Here's a swatch of it on my hand:

and on my lips:

(I have to apologise for the bad swatch, it doesn't do the lipstick justice! I ran out of natural sunlight..)

I also got two lipsticks from the Dior Spring 2011 Collection.

I bought Serum de Rouge in Pinky Mauve Serum:

and Lipcolour in Chic Pink:

Swatches of Pinky Mauve (left) and Pink Chic (right):

Swatch of pinky mauve on my lips. It's a very shiney pale pink colour:

I completely forgot to take a lip swatch of Pink Chic, but here is an FOTD with it on my lips:


  1. Very pretty FOTD! ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. Oh my goodness all the colours look gorgeous on your lips. Hm perhaps it's because your lips look so pretty themselves haha. My lips are too pigmented making it hard for me to find a good shade ><

  3. yay!
    i can finally get into your blog!
    last night somehow i couldn't get into your page :(
    weird ..................

    anyways, what a great haul !
    all the lip products look great on you!
    yesterday actually, i was thinking about getting the Chanel gloss but i wasn't sure if it's going to be sticky or not :S
    i'm not a lip-gloss lover but do you think i'll be okay with the Chanel lip?

    you look great in the FOTD btw ;)
    - Coco

  4. I love the packaging for the Chic Pink Lipstick! I've never seen Dior with such lovely packaging :)

  5. You look stunning as always, Penelope! I always always love your cheeks/lips combo! Pink Chic is super beautiful on you! I'm going to head to the Dior counter for Dior Montaigne today! Yay, finally! :p

  6. I love all these lip colours on you! especially the last two, just gorgeous!

  7. ok.... this was funny, when i first entered into your blog, the music started to play. since i always wear earphones, i thought i was hearing things, but it was actually the beginning of the song crystalized. whewwww... i thought i was going crazyy~

    anyways, the chanel lipglosses look too cute. I love the packaging of them. gaaaa they all look so pretty on you ^.^

  8. Thanks girls! @coco I'm not a fan of the stickiness of glosses either, but somehow these glosses aren't so bad. They are a LITTLE bit sticky, but when the wind blows I don't find my hair gets stuck on it or anything like that! It's probably best to try it in store to see if it's too sticky for you x

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love Coquette as well. The Dior lipsticks look nice!