Monday, June 21, 2010

A few goodies from Japan

Hi everyone, I'm finally back from Japan! My husband and I spent 10 days in Japan, and 2 weeks in Malaysia to see my family.

In Japan, we visited Tokyo and Kyoto. We also spent a day visiting Mt.Fuji and Hakone. My personal favourite was Kyoto. I LOVE it there! Such a beautiful city. I love how it's surrounded on three sides with mountains. The temples and gardens there were gorgeous. I found Japan extremely expensive, so to save money we tried to walk as much as possible. This lets us see the cities really well. We got lost a couple of times walking in Kyoto, but it allowed us to stumble upon neighbourhoods and we got to see how people lived there.

I'll post up some pics from my holiday in the next post, but first here's a quick post on some things I got from Japan. I didn't buy many things for myself due to everything being so expensive. I mostly bought gifts for my family, which are not included in this post.

First up is a powder foundation from Jill Stuart. I'm in love with the packaging... and the powder itself is silky smooth and fine.

My husband bought me this beautiful umbrella from a quaint shop in Kyoto.

I love the shops in Kyoto, and bought little souvenirs such as this geisha bookmark from there.

From the Sanrio store I bought this cute Little Twin Stars cosmetics pouch. I also found an amazing Hello Kitty necklace with little diamantes, but I don't have a picture of it!

The stationary in Japan were so cute. In this pen below, one of his ears activates a red colour ink, the other a black ink.

I also bought numerous snacks such as this cherry blossom and green tea flavoured kit-kats...yummy

Saturday, June 19, 2010

♥ Suqqu S/S 2010 Kisui Collection & FOTD

Today's FOTD is based on some products I've bought from Suqqu's Spring/Summer Kisui Collection.

From the collection, I couldn't resist getting:

Noble Nuance Eyeshadow EX-03 Koukon
Noble Nuance Face Color
Noble Nuance Cheeks EX-01 Momozoe

The eyeshadow quad contained quite natural colours, a mixture of matte and shimmer. They're the kind of colours I would want to wear for job interviews or for work.

The noble nuance face color seems to be the favourite of all the sales assistants.

It's a 5 shade pressed powder which is meant to create velvety smoothness whilst enhancing translucency and a healthy glow.

I found it to be a really sheer powder which I found did not really make much of an improvement to my skin. Sorry there's no photo of this powder in action, as its effects were so subtle I could not capture it on camera.

It contained a very small amount of light reflecting particles, which I liked as it looked very natural. I did find that my skin looked healthier and smoother, with my pores more concealed. Great for days when my skin is behaving itself but just needs and extra booth of smoothness, or when my pores are more noticable than usual.

The blush I bought is a really pretty and pink:

The lighter pink shade can be blended with the other more muted mauve/pink shade to customizing the shade, or it can be used alone as a highlighter. The sales assistant even suggested using it as an eyeshadow for brighter looking eyes.

I love the colour it gives my cheeks.

I was trying to go for a healthy look with minimal products for today's FOTD. My skin was feeling extra sensitive, so I decided to skip foundation. I also decided not to use the powder, as I didn't want to risk irritating my skin. Hence you can see my blotchy baseless skin with a bit of a rash. Sorry!

Face: Suqqu noble nuance cheeks EX-01 Momozoe
Eyes: Suqqu noble nuance eyeshadow EX-03 Koukon
MUFE aqua eyes 2L
Lips: Chanel rouge coco in mademoiselle

See you when I get from Japan! Hopefully my skin will be less sensitive by then.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My quest for long lashes + friend's wedding

Here's a revmascara review. Like most people, I'm constantly after longer, thicker lashes. I've read about some sort of serum sold by prescription only in the US which have been shown to boost thickness and length or lashes. But until it's available in the UK, I'll have to make do with finding a mascara to do the job!

A mascara I'm pretty fond of at the moment is Clinique High Lengths Mascara.

It's their newest mascara, which is said to provide length and volume upon immediate application. It's safe for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers too. Which is good as I am both. According to Clinique, it has a 'willow' applicator which captures and coats all lashes to the very tip.

This mascara is the easiest to use out of all the ones I've tried, as it separated the lashes nicely and did not clump. Below is a picture of my naked eye. You can see (or not see as the case may be) that my lashes are almost invisible. They are very fine, and a little sparse. My best friend is Iranian, and she has the longest, fullest lashes I've seen. Even with mascara on, my lashes don't compare to her mascara-less ones. Anyway, the only feature I like about my lashes are that they naturally curl...sort of..

Below is my eye with the Clinique mascara. It glided on really well. I like the length and volume the mascara gives. However, this mascara did not give me the 'false-lash' effect that I craved, but natural looking longer, more luscious lashes instead.

Next up is Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill. The name is fantastic! According to Giorgio Armani, this mascara has fine-filled fluid microtechnology to create intensely captivating lash texture.

A picture of the applicator. Looks like most other mascara wands.

This mascara was not as easy to apply as the Clinique one. It seemed to cause my lashes to clump more, making me reliant on a spoolie to separate them. The result is longer, thicker lashes, though I still prefer the Clinique mascara.

*UPDATE* since this post was written, I've rediscovered my love for my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. It's now my HG mascara, and need to do a post about it sometime.

I have four weddings to attend this year. I've reached the age where lots of people are getting married! Here are a couple of pics at a recent wedding.

The wedding was great, in an old gentlemen's club. The couple has been together for nearly 9 years, so sweet! I wore my ASOS dress that I previously posted about. My hair looks like a puffy rat's nest in this photo. It's because the cab drivers all dropped us off at the wrong side of town and we had to rush on foot to the wedding. After all that panic, we still arrived an hour early?! But my hair ended up super bushy :(