Saturday, June 19, 2010

♥ Suqqu S/S 2010 Kisui Collection & FOTD

Today's FOTD is based on some products I've bought from Suqqu's Spring/Summer Kisui Collection.

From the collection, I couldn't resist getting:

Noble Nuance Eyeshadow EX-03 Koukon
Noble Nuance Face Color
Noble Nuance Cheeks EX-01 Momozoe

The eyeshadow quad contained quite natural colours, a mixture of matte and shimmer. They're the kind of colours I would want to wear for job interviews or for work.

The noble nuance face color seems to be the favourite of all the sales assistants.

It's a 5 shade pressed powder which is meant to create velvety smoothness whilst enhancing translucency and a healthy glow.

I found it to be a really sheer powder which I found did not really make much of an improvement to my skin. Sorry there's no photo of this powder in action, as its effects were so subtle I could not capture it on camera.

It contained a very small amount of light reflecting particles, which I liked as it looked very natural. I did find that my skin looked healthier and smoother, with my pores more concealed. Great for days when my skin is behaving itself but just needs and extra booth of smoothness, or when my pores are more noticable than usual.

The blush I bought is a really pretty and pink:

The lighter pink shade can be blended with the other more muted mauve/pink shade to customizing the shade, or it can be used alone as a highlighter. The sales assistant even suggested using it as an eyeshadow for brighter looking eyes.

I love the colour it gives my cheeks.

I was trying to go for a healthy look with minimal products for today's FOTD. My skin was feeling extra sensitive, so I decided to skip foundation. I also decided not to use the powder, as I didn't want to risk irritating my skin. Hence you can see my blotchy baseless skin with a bit of a rash. Sorry!

Face: Suqqu noble nuance cheeks EX-01 Momozoe
Eyes: Suqqu noble nuance eyeshadow EX-03 Koukon
MUFE aqua eyes 2L
Lips: Chanel rouge coco in mademoiselle

See you when I get from Japan! Hopefully my skin will be less sensitive by then.


  1. This is another natural, yet sophisticated look! Love it!

  2. Momozoe gives you the prettiest flush! I love your Suqqu FOTD, it's really subtle and elegant =]

  3. This is a very natural, pretty look! You don't need any foundation at all, you have very lovely skin! have fun in Japan!! I'm just on my way back to Tokyo.. I heard it's v hot there! Funny thing is I'm off to UK on saturday, looks like we're switching!