Monday, July 26, 2010

My Japanese Makeup Collection

As alot of us love Japanese beauty brands, I thought I'd share with you part ofmy Japanese makeup collection that I have accumulated so far.

I haven't included my Paul & Joe items in this post, and my collection has increased somewhat after my trip to asia. Above, I have a couple Jill Stuart blushes, Canmake cream blushes, RMK cheeks palette, and a Kose Esprique Precious Symphonic eye palette.

As you can see I'm a pretty big fan of blushes (especially sweet, pink colours!), but lets start with the eye palette. I got the palette in F1.

It contains 4 eye shadow shades (glittery white, peachy pink, glittery lavender & dark shimmery grey), and a pearly cream base

It comes with a suggestion of how/where to use each colour:

These colours are higly pigmented, and a bit too glittery for my taste. The colours are really pretty though, which is a shame!

Onto the blushes. I have a couple of Jill Stuart blushes in Rose Fairy 11, and Little Bouquet 09

(L-r: Rose Fairy, Little Bouquet)

Rose Fairy swatches:

Swatches of Little Bouquet:

RMK Spring modern cheeks:

A cheek palette with fresh and bright colours. The white highlighting powder is a bit too powdery and matt looking for my taste.

And finally, Canmake cream cheeks in 01 Peach Dream, and 02 Cherry Pink:

Cute looking colours that are easy to blend and really stand out on the cheeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Holiday Haul

I did quite alot of shopping for beauty products during my trip to Asia. I mainly bought things I couldn't find in the UK, such as whitening products and Korean/Japanese brands.

First up is the Diorsnow White Reveal Makeup UV Base in Beige:

I was looking for a UV lotion that could double up as a very light tinted moisturiser. The base has a very light, watery consistency, and provides a slight touch of colour.

I also got Olay's White Radiance Brightening Serum. I haven't got round to using this yet, as my skin is super-sensitive at the moment. I don't want to put too many things on my skin until it's calmed down. Can't wait to try this though!

Sunsilk has partnered with 7 famous haircare expects to including Yuko Yamashita (creator of the Yuko straightening process) and Thomas Taw (a damaged hair expert). I bought their sunsil hairmasks. One for reconstructing damaged hair, and one for silky smooth hair.

I bought this Canmake Loose Cheek Powder in 02. This powder is not very pigmented, but it gives a pretty and natural look. My sister tried it, and loved it so much that I bought her one of her own.

Now onto the Korean brands. I came across this brand in KL. I've never heard of it before, but am not liking the name much, Baviphat. Some of their products look very similar in style to Benefit.

I bought their Apple Magic Lip Tint. The tint is a VERY subtle cherry colour (sorry, I didn't but up a lip swatch as the colour is too subtle), but the smell is gorgeous and apple-like! The lovely sales assistant gave me lots of face mask samples that come in the same cute packaging as this lip tint.

From Skinfood, I bought their Gold Caviar Serum, and Sugar Hand Cream. The hand cream smells divine (like sugarcane and citrus). I ended up buying a few for family and friends.

I noticed that Etude House has arrived in Malaysia since my last visit. I bought a blush. I don't know the name as it's written in korean, but I do know the colour is 02.

It comes with a cute little puff with a pink bow on top.

The colour is a gorgeous peachy-pink.

I also bought Etude House's Precious Mineral Brightener. It's meant to 'rejuvenate' the complexion (bascially, a highlighter).

I bought it for its pretty, pearly colours:

Now, onto my favourite product of the entire holiday haul. The Face Shop's Peeling Day in White Jewel. It's a facial exfoliator which gave me amazing results. My face feels transformed, alot clearer and more radiant. I'm now using it very sparingly as I don't want to run out!

Also from The Face Shop is The Skin BB cream. I've not used this much, so cannot comment on it at this moment!

And from one of my favourite skincare brands, SKII, I bought the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and the new Cellumination Essence.

The Cellumination Essence is great! And i can really see a difference in my skin when used together with a previously bought SKII treatment essence.

In Malaysia my husband and I, together with my family, went on a beach holiday at a cute little private island called Pangkor Laut. From a gift shop at the resort, I found this lovely makeup case with little pink elephants on it!

That's my holiday haul, please feel free to request any reviews on these products!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures of beautiful Kyoto

Sorry for another non beauty related post. Kyoto has got to be one of my favourite cities. It's got everything I look for in a city... culture, beauty, and of course, great shops. The city is also surrounded on three sides by mountains, giving spectacular views wherever you look.

View from our hotel room.

Gorgeous example of the greenery in Kyoto.

Stunning geisha!

Front entrance of Kiyomizu-dera. Not a single nail was used to construct the temple.

Above are pictures of Ryoan-ji temple and gardens, famous for it's Zen rock garden. I felt so peaceful visiting this temple.

This is the famous Philosopher's walk. It's a cherry tree lined canal, which must look so gorgeous in cherry blossom season.

Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavillion), one of the most popular buildings in Japan. When we went there, we were completely surrounded by school children.

And last but not least, Nijo castle and gardens, with spectacular lake. My friend's husband proposed to her here about a year ago!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tokyo pics

Sorry for not blogging for awhile! Here are some really delayed pics of my Japan trip. I'll start with some pictures of Tokyo!

Tokyo had a fantastic night-life. We stayed in hotels in Roppongi and Shinjuku, and the streets in both districts were still bustling late at night.

These are a couple of buildings in Shinjuku, which I thought gave a nice example of how modern the architecture is there.

The Shiseido buiding in Ginza. Inside, you can find restaurants, conference rooms and Ginza's oldest art gallery.

Food in Tokyo was amazing. The portions surprisingly huge. The spoon above was nearly the size of my arm.

As much as I loved Japan, I found it to be excrutiatingly expensive. So my husband and I ate most of our meals at cheaper noodle bars (like the one in the pic above). At these bars, you order your food from vending machines outside .
Whilst looking for a place to have lunch in Roppongi, we stumbled across Doraemon in TV Asahi headquarters.
We took a day trip to Mt. Fuji and Hakone. Here is Hello Kitty advertising black sulfur eggs. Apparently you increase your life span by 7 years after eating one. Smell horrible though.
My husband on the 5th Station up Mt. Fuji. Anything higher was off limits to the public, so my husband wants to come back again one day to climb to the top. As you can tell from the pic, the weather was extremely misty. In the whole time i was in Tokyo, I never got to see the top of Mt. Fuji because of the mist!

Pics taken at the Tokyo national musuem. The musuem was huge with several differnt buildings, and many exhibitions.

Outside the museum were several Japanese men impersonating Elvis. My Tokyo trip would not be complete without seeing this.

Me in Ueno Park. The big park included a zoo aswell as several temples, art galleries and the Tokyo national museum. We hired a swan cycle boat to explore it's beautiful lake.

The famous shinkansen. It was so fast that our train shook when it passed another.
Our bento box lunches on the shinkansen, and some Pocari sweat my husband wanted to try.