Monday, July 19, 2010

Tokyo pics

Sorry for not blogging for awhile! Here are some really delayed pics of my Japan trip. I'll start with some pictures of Tokyo!

Tokyo had a fantastic night-life. We stayed in hotels in Roppongi and Shinjuku, and the streets in both districts were still bustling late at night.

These are a couple of buildings in Shinjuku, which I thought gave a nice example of how modern the architecture is there.

The Shiseido buiding in Ginza. Inside, you can find restaurants, conference rooms and Ginza's oldest art gallery.

Food in Tokyo was amazing. The portions surprisingly huge. The spoon above was nearly the size of my arm.

As much as I loved Japan, I found it to be excrutiatingly expensive. So my husband and I ate most of our meals at cheaper noodle bars (like the one in the pic above). At these bars, you order your food from vending machines outside .
Whilst looking for a place to have lunch in Roppongi, we stumbled across Doraemon in TV Asahi headquarters.
We took a day trip to Mt. Fuji and Hakone. Here is Hello Kitty advertising black sulfur eggs. Apparently you increase your life span by 7 years after eating one. Smell horrible though.
My husband on the 5th Station up Mt. Fuji. Anything higher was off limits to the public, so my husband wants to come back again one day to climb to the top. As you can tell from the pic, the weather was extremely misty. In the whole time i was in Tokyo, I never got to see the top of Mt. Fuji because of the mist!

Pics taken at the Tokyo national musuem. The musuem was huge with several differnt buildings, and many exhibitions.

Outside the museum were several Japanese men impersonating Elvis. My Tokyo trip would not be complete without seeing this.

Me in Ueno Park. The big park included a zoo aswell as several temples, art galleries and the Tokyo national museum. We hired a swan cycle boat to explore it's beautiful lake.

The famous shinkansen. It was so fast that our train shook when it passed another.
Our bento box lunches on the shinkansen, and some Pocari sweat my husband wanted to try.


  1. Wow I always wanted to go to Japan one day too. I'm also tempted to get Burberry Blue Label line when I have the opportunity to go to Japan one day. Have a wonderful time there.

  2. My bf did the entire hike on Mt. Fuji and said it was one of the best experiences in his entire life. You and your husband should try it again :)

    Love your photo's and blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I love the shinkansen and I love eating bentos in them, don't know why... Doraemon is the best! (ok, Hello Kitty, too)

  4. Gorgeous photos! I believe you had Anago (sea eel) bento in the last pic. I love Anago and I'm hungry for some now :P