Monday, July 26, 2010

My Japanese Makeup Collection

As alot of us love Japanese beauty brands, I thought I'd share with you part ofmy Japanese makeup collection that I have accumulated so far.

I haven't included my Paul & Joe items in this post, and my collection has increased somewhat after my trip to asia. Above, I have a couple Jill Stuart blushes, Canmake cream blushes, RMK cheeks palette, and a Kose Esprique Precious Symphonic eye palette.

As you can see I'm a pretty big fan of blushes (especially sweet, pink colours!), but lets start with the eye palette. I got the palette in F1.

It contains 4 eye shadow shades (glittery white, peachy pink, glittery lavender & dark shimmery grey), and a pearly cream base

It comes with a suggestion of how/where to use each colour:

These colours are higly pigmented, and a bit too glittery for my taste. The colours are really pretty though, which is a shame!

Onto the blushes. I have a couple of Jill Stuart blushes in Rose Fairy 11, and Little Bouquet 09

(L-r: Rose Fairy, Little Bouquet)

Rose Fairy swatches:

Swatches of Little Bouquet:

RMK Spring modern cheeks:

A cheek palette with fresh and bright colours. The white highlighting powder is a bit too powdery and matt looking for my taste.

And finally, Canmake cream cheeks in 01 Peach Dream, and 02 Cherry Pink:

Cute looking colours that are easy to blend and really stand out on the cheeks.


  1. I love jill stuart mix blushes, they make my dressing table so much prettier lol

  2. aw, these look really good.

  3. Great collection! Japanese makeup is definitely my fav. ohhhh the JS blush is also wonderful! Have you seen the pictures of the upcoming JS collection?

  4. wow the Jill Stuart blushers are incredible!

    great blog!

    follow me too :)


  6. OMG, the Apple Magic Lip Tint is so pretty! i so like your blog! youre so followed & BTW you are so pretty!


  7. where do you find is best to buy them online? I've been looking at Gmarket but it seems so hard to understand despite being in English!

  8. you have a lovely Japanese blush collection! I really like JS #09 palette - its very pretty! I think I recommended that colour to my aunt when we shopped JS together - it looked like a versatile colour for all skintones and I think she also liked it a lot. I chose no1, baby pink as a safe bet! I recommend Maquillage face creator, it`s definitely to-go Japanese blush :)

  9. Thanks everybody for your comments. Beautygirl- My fave online stores are and i only go to ichibankao when I've got something I really want as it tends to be pretty expensive.

  10. great post and swatches =)
    i wish i lived in japan ~ so many things i want >.<

  11. Always loved the look and would love to try Jill Stuart one day. In fact any Korean or Japanese makeup since I dont much :(

    Pretty post & great swatches.

    KK, XOXO

    P.S- Ty for entering my giveaway. Good Luck!

  12. I love the packaging! So cute, I also want to have some stuff of Asian makeup brands but here in Europe you won't get anything =(