Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Order from Japan

My order from Japan arrived today! I ordered the products from Ichibankao, and it took less than a week to arrive.

I bought:

Suqqu loose powder, Natural
Suqqu cheek blend 03
Jill Stuart Mix blush, 07 Lovely Tulip
I reviewed all 3 at FuzKittie before ordering

Suqqu loose powder and cheek blend:

I really like Suqqu products. They are made in Japan, but you can find them in Selfridges, London. The cheek blend is a baby pink blush with a subtle peach highlighter. The blush powder is amazingly soft and blends onto the cheeks perfectly.

The loose powder in natural is a soft cream colour with a touch of pearl. It covers shine and pores well, and leaves the skin with a natural luminous finish. Love it!

I tested the loose powder and cheek blend on a bare face:

Jill Stuart blush, 07
The blush on my cheek: Using a mixture of all 4 colours gave a peachy pink colour that is more pigmented than my suqqu cheek blend

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding tea ceremony FOTD

My very first FOTD is the breakdown of the makeup I used for my wedding tea ceremony in KL. It's a really simple look which took me less than 10 mins to do, as I was running really late due to my hairdresser faffing around spraying my hair with shimmer

Estee Lauder Cyber White powder foundation, 01

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, beige (had only 2 hours sleep the night before, so covered up my dark circles really well)
Bobbi Brown gel liner, black
Dior 5 couleur designer palette, smokey design

Bobbi brown blush, pale pink & tawny (blended together with blush brush)

Chanel aqualumiere, 94 lipari

My favourite scented candle

I bought this candle from Space NK a couple of days ago and am in love with it!

The candle is Mandarin Grapefruit by LifeNK, a blend of mandarin orange, grapefruit, gardenia, tiare blossom and water lily. The scent is gorgeous, really uplifting, and as you can guess from the description: citrus with a hint of floral. I've read that the candle is supposed to bring a sense of upbeat positivity which sounds far-fetched, but I find it actually does!

The best thing is that the scent lingers long after the candle is blown out. It's been 24 hours since I've used the candle, and my bathroom still smells amazing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Post!

Hiya, welcome to my brand new blog. Recently, I realised I had way too many beauty products and may aswell put them to good use by writing and reviewing them in a beauty blog. I noticed that there weren't many asian beauty bloggers in the UK, so I thought i'd help fill this niche a little.

My passion with the cosmetic industry became most apparent prior to my wedding in June this year. Wanting to be sure I looked my best for the wedding, I went for regular facials and started to take my skincare more seriously. I also went to several cosmetic counters for wedding day makeup tips as I decided to do my own makeup (since no one knows my face more than me).

I don't think anyone in my family can understand my enthusiasm for beauty products. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 17. Mainly because I wasn't very girly back then and didn't know a thing about makeup. My mother has never worn makeup, so didn't derive any tips from her. One day, whilst out shopping, a friend and I were approached by a rep from a modeling agency. The agency provided girls with valuable makeup lessons. I took the lessons, but never signed up with the agency as I figures my chances as a model were slim.

That was years ago. Now I'm 26, and a scientist. I submitted my PhD thesis on developmental genetics last month and am currently job hunting. Which leaves me lots of time to blog. I'll mainly be reviewing the products I have/will have. I'll also share with you my fave products (since most of my friends and family have no interest in makeup), the ones that I feel really make a difference.