Monday, February 27, 2012

Look: Using Pixiglow Tint and Paul & Joe Minou

Hi everyone, here's a look I did using two products I've posted about recently; Paul & Joe's Blusher Stick in Minou and the Pixiglow Magic Tink Tint.

Both products came out fairly light and pink on me. I probably won't use them together next time as together they wash out my complexion slightly. It really doesn't help that i'm wearing light coloured clothes too. I've been looking a bit pale these wintery months, so I don't think I can get away with light lip AND cheek colours.

I have got to say though, the Paul & Joe blush is so cute. Here's a pic of it taken from my recent post. I really love the pretty pink shade too.

A pic of the products used in today's look. I forgot to include the eyeliner.

Products Used:
Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eyebrow Pencil in 963
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black (not shown)
Clarins Instant Definition Mascara
Paul & Joe Blusher Stick in Minou 002
St. Tropez Skin Illuminator in Rose (as highlighter in cheekbones)
Pikiglow Magic Tink Tint

Hope you have a great week ahead! I'll finish with a couple of pictures of a water village in Sabah taken on our travels.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to my recent Giveaway! I'm so sorry that there is only one prize and there can only be one winner.

The winner is....

Sugar Sugar from Whimsical Whatnots & Whatever...

Her resolution is to study hard for her bar exam. Best of luck you clever, clever girl!

Please email me with your address!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Mount Kinabalu Climb

I thought I'd share with you some pictures of my recent Mount Kinabalu Climb. Mt. Kinabalu is in Sabah, Sawarak and is the highest peak in South East Asia. My friends were very surprised to hear that there were mountains in Malaysia. When I told then it was the highest in S.E. Asia, most of them said 'Wow, the tallest maintain in Asia?' I had to explain to them that 'no, sweet dears, that would be Everest...'

My dad, husband and I went just after spending Chinese New Year in Kuching, Sarawak with my relatives.

The majority of the climb was in horrible pouring rain, but we managed to take pictures during the rare moments where it was dry.

Us at the beginning of the climb. 'Selamat Mendaki' means 'Happy Mountaineering'.

A beautiful waterfall along the way.

I absolutely adore greenary. Well, nature in general.

My dad and I in the early stages of the climb. It was just starting to rain.

The further up you get, the larger the difference in vegetation.

Lodgings halfway up the climb. I don't know why my husband took a pic of this one rather than the one we stayed in. Ours was tiny compared to this and made this one look positively luxurious.

We woke up at 2:30am the next day so we could reach the summit before sunrise. I reached the summit an hour before sunrise so sat the shivering in the dark for quite a while!

The wait was worth it. Once the sun started coming out, I realised just how spectacular the view was.

I have to say that sadly our most spectacular pictures are terribly blurry, as my husband forgot to take it off manual focus!

My husband, on our descent.

I can't believe I passed all this beautiful scenery in the dark on the way up.

Going back down was great fun.

There were no more pictures after this as it started to rain heavily. So we decided to leg it back to base camp rather than suffer a minute longer getting drenched in the rain!

All in all a really good climb. I'm truly proud of all the natural sights my country has to offer. I've spent my childhood hiking in the rainforest and visiting the beaches and caves, so it was really nice to view a whole different kind of scenery.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

PixiGlow Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip Gloss

For Pixi's Spring 2012 collection, they teamed up with Disney Artist John Quinn to create the whimsical Tinkerbell inspired PixiGlow.

The palette looks super pretty, but I managed to restrict myself to just getting the: PixiGlow Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip Gloss in Happy Thoughts Pink

I bought mine for £12 at with my purchase of Paul & Joe's Minou Blusher Stick.

Inspired by crushed berries, this lip tint pencil features a nourishing gel formula which adapts to the pH levels of the lips to create a personalised pink tint.

I personally adore colour adaptable products, I just don't know why but I always buy into the sales gimmick of lip tints that adapt to your own pH levels!

The packaging is beautiful, so much attention has been put into it.

The Lip Tint itself comes in the form of a chunky pencil with a twist bottom. The colour of the product is a pale pink.

The lip tint is reminiscent of Clinique's Chubby Stick -similar chubby pencil packaging and gel/balm like texture.

The tint feels super moisturising on the lips, and leaves a great glossy finish. The colour applies as subtle pale pink and gradually adapts to a soft pinky-rose on my lips.The resulting shade is still subtle enough for everyday wear and perfect for days when I'm looking a little tired and need a pick me up to brighten my face.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Adorable: Paul & Joe Blusher Stick in Minou

Having grown up with them as pets, I personally LOVE cats (and the sad thing is, I'm highly allergic to them). So when I say promotional pics of Paul & Joe's Spring Collection my heart melted. This collection celebrates Paul & Joe's 10th anniversary, and chennels the love founder Sophie Albou has for cats.

From this collection I bought the Blusher Stick in Minou from Asos (£21).

The outer packaging contained images of slightly cross-eyed fierce looking cats. The packaging of the blusher stick itself is classically gorgeous.

The blusher stick is in the shape of a cat in a top hat. Too adorable to use! I gleefully showed it to my husband who screamed when he saw the cat (and not in delight)!

Swatch of the blush. It's a dreamy soft pink shade.

Swatch of the blush partially blended. It's quite a subtle shade once blended so i think it would suit those with fairer skintones due to its light colour.

These Blusher Sticks are enriched with moisturising orange flower water and jojoba oil. Application is super easy, just apply directly onto the cheeks and blend. It has a sweet floral scent typical of most Paul & Joe products. Once blended, it has very subtle shimmer particles, so subtle that I was unable to pick it up on my camera. It did not feel particularly moisturising on my skin, but it was not drying either. It gave my cheeks a really pretty, natural looking pink flush. Colour can be intensified by further layering of product.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Diary

What a pretty way to start the New Year.

This diary is £6 from Paperchase. I bought a couple, one for my mum and one for my auntie. Now I really wish I bought one for myself!

It is edged with silver gilt and embossed with oriental/asian inspired flowers and peacock. At least I assume it's a peacock. To the dreamers out there, lets say it's a phoenix!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Face of the Day: Take 2

Hi everyone, hope you had a great first month to the New Year and to those who celebrate Chinese New Year (and actually also to those who don't!) - I hope you had a wonderful New Year with joyful festivities.

To those who remember my previously failed Winter FOTD, here is a second attempt at showing you the Nars Multiple in G-Spot on my cheeks. This is a better representation of its true shade on my cheeks.

I decided to wear my winter hat (usually reserved for skiing/ mountain hiking activities) to make this look a little more appropriate for winter!

Products Used:

Face: Nars Multiple in G-Spot
Eyes: Castle dew Shot Eyes in GD240
Laura Mercier Cake Liner in Black Ebony
Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 111

The Castledew eyeshadow palette was given to me by the lovely Riya. I used the 1st and 3rd shades on my lids.

I must apologise for my baggy eyes and weird lashes. I haven't been able to sleep properly for ages and it's been getting worse this past week so my eyes look really puffy at the moment. The weird lashes are from sleeping with an eye mask, causing me to have lashes that point straight up. The plus point is that at least they look curly!