Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Post!

Hiya, welcome to my brand new blog. Recently, I realised I had way too many beauty products and may aswell put them to good use by writing and reviewing them in a beauty blog. I noticed that there weren't many asian beauty bloggers in the UK, so I thought i'd help fill this niche a little.

My passion with the cosmetic industry became most apparent prior to my wedding in June this year. Wanting to be sure I looked my best for the wedding, I went for regular facials and started to take my skincare more seriously. I also went to several cosmetic counters for wedding day makeup tips as I decided to do my own makeup (since no one knows my face more than me).

I don't think anyone in my family can understand my enthusiasm for beauty products. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 17. Mainly because I wasn't very girly back then and didn't know a thing about makeup. My mother has never worn makeup, so didn't derive any tips from her. One day, whilst out shopping, a friend and I were approached by a rep from a modeling agency. The agency provided girls with valuable makeup lessons. I took the lessons, but never signed up with the agency as I figures my chances as a model were slim.

That was years ago. Now I'm 26, and a scientist. I submitted my PhD thesis on developmental genetics last month and am currently job hunting. Which leaves me lots of time to blog. I'll mainly be reviewing the products I have/will have. I'll also share with you my fave products (since most of my friends and family have no interest in makeup), the ones that I feel really make a difference.


  1. welcome to the club (blogging) :)

  2. Welcomeee =D. XX

  3. You're an inspiration,
    intelligent and pretty lady with gorgeous skin!
    keep blogging! :)