Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Non-Beauty Holiday Haul

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you some of the things I bought on my recent trip to Malaysia. Surprisingly I mainly stayed away from beauty products and bought clothes instead. KL is great for shopping, I especially love their small independent brands where I tend to find cute dresses. Everything there is so much cheaper than KL, so in retrospect these were complete bargains!

First up are my shoes. I got this pair from Vincci. I love the light sea-green colour of the shoes. My sis also bought a pair!

I found these cute little shoes in an independent boutique. The boutique is in Kuching, Sarawak where my mum was born. I went there to visit my grandma and other relatives.

The heel of these wedges are quite sweet - white with a red strawberry and berries pattern.

Yes, stores in Malaysia do sell boots. The weather is definitely too hot for them in KL, but luckily the weather here in the UK is freezing. These boots are from Vincci+.

The warm furry lining of the boots also came in handy for keeping warm.

I got the next two items from another independent boutique, this time in KL. I really love the colour of this dress, I really like deep serene colours.

The dress comes with a detachable belt, which is good as I can interchange different belts for a different look.

I also got this skirt from the boutique. It's like a relaxed, flowy version of a tulip shaped skirt! This skirt was a really good bargain at ~£5.

I got the dress below from one of my fave dress stores, Eclipse. The dress has kind of an African vibe to it which I like as I don't own anything like it.

I also about this cream and gold bag from Charles and Keith.

And this top from Mango, which I would wear with a short-ish skirt and belt. Maybe I'll do an outfit post as I'm terrible at explaining!

So that's my non-beauty haul for the holiday. Beauty items that I bought include Vichy's BB cream and a couple of Chanel lip glosses from duty-free. will do a separate post on them. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. ooo i love the african style dress! I bet it looks gorgeous on you, and the bag is lovely too :D xoxo

  2. Nice haul! Haha...I see many stores that I visit often too...did u happen to check out the boutiques around Bangsar during ur visit here in Malaysia? They offer really good variety of clothes at cheaper price too! =)

  3. @ Charming Vanity Yes, I got my blue dress and skirt from the boutiques around Bangsar. Love them!

  4. The wedges with the strawberries are so cute!

  5. Like the shoes :)
    And the blue dress is lovely.


  6. Those are one of the cutest pairs of wedges I have ever seen! ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. the second pair of shoes are super cute and i love the short skirt too <3

    btw, i have a new contest/giveaway on my blog if you haven't joined.

  8. love those shoes! nice haul! :) following you!

  9. Great haul P! I like the green sandals, they're such a unique colour and would be great for spring :)
    I haven't really been buying much in terms of makeup either...mostly clothing hauls! LOL