Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Xmas pressies from my family

Hi everyone! I've almost run out of things to post about, so decided to write a post on some of the really sweet Christmas presents I've received from my family. I know it's so late to be putting up Xmas presents but I've been waiting awhile for some sunlight over here so I can take some pics!

Xmas in KL was wonderful. Eventhough I had a terrible cold on the day itself, it was just so great to see my family again. We all chipped in to cook together a traditional Christmas dinner, and invited some relatives and close family friends to join us.

One of the things my lovely husband got me was a necklace from Tiffany's.

Since my engagement and wedding rings are from Tiffany's, my husband thought he'll get me a necklace from there too. I also like the name Tiffany as I had a beloved cat with the same name! You can almost see a heart in the pic below!

The pic below is the one that represents the true colour of the necklace the best. It's a really pale sea-green crystal.

My mum got me quite a few things things year, but my absolute favourite has to be this Ruby and Diamond ring. She chose the stones and designed it herself and got her jeweller friend to make it. My mum also designed a Sapphire and Diamond ring for my sis, which my sis loves the sentiment but thinks it's too 'bling'. Sigh.

I've never owned any rubies before. This is a pinkish-red one. My mum also took me to her jewellery making friend to design my own ring. It was the most fun hour and a half I've had. As it's the first ring I've ever designed, I decided not to go overboard and go for something simple instead. The ring is currently being made, and will be ready around March. Will show you a pic of it once it's made!

I also got this fun looking retro fan from my parents. It's a Malaysian brand, and I'll have to wait until it the temp here warms up slightly before I can use it!

Seeing as I really like rings, my mum also gave me this Citrine ring she got from China that she never wore. I really like the slightly Gothic look about it!

I got beauty related gifts from my sis in law. She gave me these great products from Nars. A nail polish in Adelta and Lip laquer in Chelsea girls.

My sis in law has a great eye. I LOVE this nail polish. It's such a beautiful pale peachy-gold. Really subtle for everyday wear.

The lip lacquer is a flattering nude shade:

My father got me this book entitled 'Kebaya Tales'. I know for a fact that he bought all his Christmas presents last minute in a mad rush on Christmas Eve, but I'm really pleased with his choice!

It's a collection of short stories on the Peranakans. Or Baba Nyonyas (an ethnic group originating 700 years ago when Chinese travelled to Malacca, Malaysia, Dutch-controlled Java and other locations). This book is special to me as I am a Nyonya/Part Nyonya and love to learn more about my Peranakan heritage. The concept of Peranakans is difficult to explain, so I may do so in a separate post, and add some nice pics to make it more interesting!


  1. {*GRRR!!} I hate my phone. I wrote a comment and then it got deleted. =(
    Anyways I love all the gifts you got for Christmas!! Every piece of jewelry you recieved is so unique. Love how they're all different colors. Stunning! I can't wait to see the ring you designed. It sounds like so much fun.
    I think I'm the same with you on how I like reading about my culture/ ancestory. It's so facinating to think if you were born a few generations before that could have been you in the book. I don't know how the weather is over there but a book is perfect for the weather in Northern California. Ready to snuggle up in a blanket with a book. =P

    <3 S.

  2. lovely presents from your family! u seem really close to each other. aw. :)

  3. Hey Penelope! I tagged you in for the versatile blogger award! You can read about it here:

  4. your family is so sweet. you got a lot of nice presents. especially the necklace. so pretty.

  5. Hello Penelope, I really like your blog, found you via googling the creme de la mer tint which I use everyday (in the medium) and I absolutely love it, like you I have so many positive comments on my skin, it is definitely worth the cost!.. and you lucky lady, what beautiful christmas gifts. I just love your 'ruby' ring, I share the same birthstone. Look forward to seeing the one you have designed, have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Thanks girls! @Al Cupcake Thanks for the lovely award! @coco Thanks for such a sweet comment, glad to hear that readers like my blog!