Friday, May 14, 2010

Missha M Shiny BB Cream Review

I wrote this post ages ago, and completely forgot about it!

I'm reviewing another BB cream, this time it's Missha's M Shiny BB cream SPF27 PA++. I bought this at which does free shipping worldwide. It comes in this really pretty and cute pearly tube:

This BB cream is said to contain pearl powder to give a radiance to your skin. It's moisturizing and antioxident ingredients protect your skin and provides a natural glow. I'm a huge fan of dewy, radiant skin so this BB cream sounded hugely promising.

I was very excited when my BB cream arrived. I found gave a nice, light, even coverage. It wasn't a thick cream, so it was easy to apply and spreads quite well. I also liked the fact that it contains SPF, and felt moist and comfortable on the skin.

However despite all this, I'm not a big fan of this BB cream. The dissapointing thing about it was it's glitter overload. It's really difficult to see in the picture below, but the BB cream was much to glittery for my taste. You can just make out white flecks in the pic which are light reflected from the glittery particles. The glitter is much more apparent in real life than in this pic.

My concern about how glittery this cream is grew when I tried it on my face. I was happily working on my laptop, when my husband came to see how I was doing. He greeted me with 'hello sparkly face'. Appalled, I looked in the mirror under bright light to see my face was extremely sparkly. I felt lit up like a Christmas tree. After that, I have never used this BB cream again.


This BB cream definately had its good points, but the sparkles but me off it, hence the rating above. I've read reviews though, where others have not found this cream too glittery. Maybe my batch was particularly sparkly, or it could be that everyone has a different sparkle threshold.


  1. Sorry to hear this bb cream was a let down. Some people don't mind the glitters others have a low glitter treshold like you say ahah

  2. ohh you're right, the sparkles are a let down! who wants a glittery face O.o

  3. I do. I love glittters.

  4. Shiny is the name of it! If you don't like glitters ...there're load of 'normal' BB cream out there. :P

  5. I also was really disappointed in this BB Cream :( Every time I reached up to touch my face, glitter would be all over my hand! This would be an amazing BB Cream without the glitter!