Thursday, May 6, 2010

Drugstore Beauty

Hi everyone, I realised I haven't done posts on drugstore brands. Though I love makeup from the likes of Guerlain, Chanel and Dior, I'm also a big fan of brands you can easily buy in drugstores such as Rimmel London and Bourjois. (I must also mention that I especially love the skincare line La Roche Posay).

This is the blush from new limited edition Paris Liberty Chich line in Rose coup de foudre, 16

The packaging is a pretty peachy-gold pot, and like all bourjois blushes, comes with a little flat brush.

It has the distinctive, strong vintage inspired bourjois blush scent, and the colour is a beautiful peach-gold with slight shimmer. Really subtle and with a pretty glow.
I've loved shopping at Boots since my high school days, and was so happy when they decided to stock French skincare lines which incoporate the use of thermal springwater such Vichy, Avene and the previously mentioned La Roche Posay.

In today's post are some products from my previous trip to Boots. I bought a couple of their new colour show off lipsticks, Kiss me, 140 and Be Bold, 120, for £5.99 each . The lip colours come in a pretty metallic bright pink case.

This is Kiss Me, a gorgeous mauve-pink.

Here is Be Bold. When I first saw this range, Be Bold was completely sold out in the Boots that I went to. I can see why.. it's a vibrant reddish-pink colour, with a touch of coral - perfect for this season.

Here it is on my lips. For some reason, this formula was quite drying on my lips. The colour was extremely pigmented -though a bit too bright for my taste.

Sorry for such bad lip swatches, my lips were dry when these pics were taken!

I also bought the Sheer Moisture Foundation SPF12 from Boot's brand 17. This foundation was an extremely good buy at £4.99.

According to 17, it's a moisturising foundation that provides soft, sheer coverage to give you a healthy natural glow.

I found that it does exactly as it says. This foundation is extremely sheer...more like a tinted moisturiser than foundation. It felt and looked very natural on my skin, and I especially loved the glow it gave.

As you can tell from these pics, the coverage is very sheer. It doesn't conceal my pores, but it does provide an even finish.

I'm wearing this foundation only on the right cheek, so you can compare it to bare skin on the other areas of my face.

Because it's so sheer, I do not see a big difference. I do however think it's perfect for days where I want a natural look, but with radiant looking skin.
Lastly, a makeup bag from Ted Baker. They were selling in Boots for around £8. I LOVE how bright and cheerful it looks. Definately puts in in a holiday spirit.

The lining is an orange-red on one side, and lilac on the other (only the orange-red side is shown -sorry!)


  1. Oh wow!! The blush is so cute. I'm loving the packaging and color is pretty. I'm really into blushes right now. =]

    I wish there was a Boots in my area. I've only seen Boots at Target and I don't think they have these products. Maybe it's different.

    I really like how the Ted Baker bag looks. Very unique pattern and design.

    <3 Serena.

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  3. I really like the packaging of the Bourjois blush :3 It seems like drugstore makeup is getting better and better nowadays.

  4. Love the blush but the mauve pink lippie is the best!
    Also I think having a foundation more like a tinted moisturizer is great for when you don't want to too too made up and more natural, plus a lot of them have good spf to protect your skin too! Great buys.

  5. i havent checked out 17 in a long, long time. I think their stuff have come a long way and it looks fab on you. I agree you are glowing there ^_^

  6. ooooo I agree with everyone else! The Bourjois blush is gorgeous!!! I wish it was more accessible in Canada =P

  7. I really like the bourjois blushes, and love compact blush outside design, it is so gorgeous. I wish they had Bourjois available in the United States. This is one of the line that I always wanted to try.

  8. i like bourjois products, but they're quite pricy in australia. the blush look pretty but i haven't seen it here yet.