Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAC To The Beach mini haul

How exciting! Mac To The Beach products are out online in the UK, and will his the stores in a few days time. I bought the Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel, Bronzing Powder in Golden, and Blush in Hipness. I also wanted to get the highlighting powder with the seahorse, but they've already completely sold out online!

L-R: lustre drops, bonzer and blush

Here is a close of of the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops:

This is my favourtie of the three. It's a beautiful ight pink with gold pearl.

Here is a swatch after it's been spread out:

The blush in Hipness, a pinky coral.

..and the bronzer in Golden, a tan beige with golden shimmer:

Here are swatches of them both, wth the bronzer above and the blush below:

Can't wait to try these products out, for a lovely summer look!


  1. the blush in hipness looks very pretty. should be perfect for summer look.

  2. Love the colors and especially summer is along the way it looks good and natural. I'll check this new line out whenever I get a chance to go to the MAC store.

  3. OH MY GOD they are all so pretty! the packaging are just too cute. have them in the states yet? (i just checked.. not yet ><) I am always obsessed with beachy related stuff.. i cant wait to see these in person.

    on a side note, i got you a sweet blog award! so check it out at my blog :) thank you thank you for leaving comments hehee I also put you in the raffle of my mini giveaway. good luck!

    hope to see new updates soon!