Thursday, May 20, 2010

I heart Paul & Joe

I did a Paul and Joe haul awhile ago, but never got round to blogging about it. I love this brand! They have such beautiful packaging, and I think their products are lovely, with really pretty easy to wear colours. However, they're so difficult to get hold of in the UK that I mostly buy them online from Beautybay and HQhair.

Here's what I bought. This would be the last of my big hauls for awhile as I'm trying to save up. But then again, I'm going to Japan next month. I don't know how on earth I will be able to resist all that shopping.

This is their Lipgloss G in Love Berry 07

A thick texture, but goes on as a sheer strawberry red. It feels really light on my lips and not too sticky:

I also bought their base makeup:

Moisturizing foundation primer 03 and Protective fluid foundation N 10

The primer is on the left and foundation on the right:

I like to blend the two together for a super sheer look:

This is their Creamy cheek powder in Marionette 01. According to Paul and Joe, this colour is highly translucent and delivers a glow, like that of bare skin. Marionette is a pretty rose pink, that looks more natural once on the skin. Texture is unlike anything I've come across. It fel like both a powder and a cream at the same time.

I also bought 2 Lipstick N's in Bougainvillea 12 and Strawberry Jam 14

Bougainvillea is a pale nude rose with a very creamy texture:

Strawberry Jam is a lustrous red-pink colour. It contains small gold shimmer. Sorry the pictures are not very bright! We've been having such dull weather here, it's hard to get good natural lighting. I've added an additional side pic of the swatch to get a better idea of the colour.

Here's me using my Paul & Joe products. I'm using the base and foundation mixed together, the Marionette cheek powder and Bougainvillea lipstick.
As lovely as the bougainvillea lipstick is, it does wash out my complexion a little. Sadly, I do not suit too pale colours and better stick to slightly darker, rosy colours.
* I'll be in Japan and Malaysia for a month (am very excited -my first trip to Japan!), but I've scheduled some posts in the meantime to keep my blog going. See you all when I get back! *


  1. Oh, I heart P&J too! ;)
    I think the lippie looks quite good on you! I can't wear darker colors - they wash me out the most for some reason.

    Have a great time in Japan!

  2. i've never heard of this brand. their products look interesting. i like the gloss on you - lovely sheer glossy and hint of red.

  3. Oooh I've never tried Paul and Joe but the packaging is soo cute! Japan will be great, I hope you have an awesome time :D

  4. PAUL & JOE!!! AHHH!!
    I'm jealous. You have such amazing make up. I've been thinking about getting the MAC blush/highlighter in your previous post. And now in this post... PAUL & JOE?! I've been trying to find a place to ship to the U.S. I haven't had much luck but it's okay. I haven't found a must have product yet.

    The PAUL & JOE packaging is sooo cute.
    I love the Bougainvillea 12 lipstick. Your final look is beautiful.

    Thanks for the award! I've been so behind with blogging.

    <3s Serena.

  5. Hi! It's not very often that I read about Paul and Joe! I recently got my very first P&J product - a blush - and I raved about their super pretty packaging. The lipsticks look fab on you. Great haul! And I am so jealous that you are going shopping in Japan - it's the best!!!

  6. i heart P&Joe too! more like last year for me *hehe luv their scented foundation ..i'm still using my trio eyeshadow palette and some individual e/s pot! luv their packaging hehe

    great looking FOTD! wow huge asian eyes
    you coming to sunny Malaysia?

    there's where i'm residing :D
    buzz me if you neeed any eating joint or shopping location

    also enjoy your trip to NIPPON!

  7. i had to comment because i thought the color of the lips were perfect

  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments!