Saturday, January 2, 2010

Belated Christmas and New Years wishes

It's abit late, but Happy New Year everyone, especially to my 8 followers! My new years resolution is to appreciate life and the fact that I'm healthly, as well as to focus a main part of achieving good skin - healthy eating.

This Xmas was the first time I didn't spend it with my immediate family (very sad), but with my in-laws up in Scotland. My family spent their Xmas in sunny Australia where my sis lives-I was so jealous! Here's a pic of us lounging around on my mother in law's couch

On Xmas day, my husband and I received a special wedding blessing from the reverend in my husband's childhood church. We had a Catholic wedding ceremony earlier this year, so to appease my husband's family of Baptists, we agreed to the Baptist blessing.

I got some nice Xmas pressies from my husband. My favourites was a watch and a Tiffany's necklace, LOVE them!

Other memorable gifts include a copy of the children's bible from my mother in law. I suspect it's an unsubtle hint that she would like grandchildren soon... But more subtle than her hint last year of 'you're not getting any younger!'


  1. Oh, for sure, besides the lovely pressies you got, receiving a special wedding blessing on Xmas day was something really amazing!!!
    A happy new year !!!

  2. awww boo to not being able to spend xmas with your family... great presents though sooo i guess that makes up for it a little bit ;)


  3. I love the Tiffany necklace!!

    Have a wonderful 2010!

  4. aw nice blog. and you are probably one of the most pretty girls I have ever seen :)

  5. thanks everyone for your lovely messages!