Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mini Guerlain haul & cute iphone protectors

The Guerlain Spring 2010 collection is out! My sweet husband got the Cherry Blossom blush eclat and the jewel lipstick compact in Berry
So pretty to look at! However, the patterns soon dissapeared with the first usage of this blush. how sad.
The blush turned out to be a very light pinkish peach, a much lighter colour than I originally expected. However, I still found it pretty and fresh looking. The colour was so subtle that extra heavy handed application was required The lipstick I bought came in their jewel bullet-like packaging with built in mirror:
I got an orange-pink colour (B20 Berry)

the lipstick went on smoothly and has a slight glossy finish
On a completely unrelated topic, my sis in law informed me about these cute iphone protectors that you can order from They're protective stickers you stick on the back of iphones and come in a variety of artwork. These pics are from their website, I found them really pretty and dreamy:

I bought these twoThey are slgihtly darker in real life, than on the website. I'm currently using the 'Leave the hair' design, and love it! It makes me excited to use my iphone again.

Free wallpapers can be downloaded at their website, or you can add the Gelaskins wallpaper application to your iphone.


  1. oooooh i think this is the first "review" ive read about guerlain's cherry blossom collection. ive been eyeing the blush... it sucks how the patterns disappear though... which is really the reason why i wanted to get it haha... it's sooo pretty!!


  2. the lipstick looks great on you! :) you are like an IT girl :)

  3. The blush is so gorgeous!! I would never feel like even swatching it will ruin the designs on the product!!!!

  4. Wow, the lipstick is so pretty on you(And I though Guerlain rouge G all have named started with G, like Gisele, Grazia, Grace, Geisha etc...I guess I was wrong.)

  5. Thanks girls for your sweet comments! Citrine, You're right the Rouge G's as started with the letter G, but I think the new collection all start with the letter B now for some reason..(bridget, bella, berry etc) x

  6. Oh man you have the sweetest husband:) my husband don't know a thing about cosmetics :)I love the new Guerlian range very pretty!!!

  7. Hi penelope<3 you have such perfect skin~~!! I'm also a fan of Guerlain.. well who isnt lol, the blush looks so cute and the lipstick is super goergous! I'm new to blogging so please come visit my beauty blog and give me some advice :>

    Stay pretty<3