Saturday, January 2, 2010

Foundation alternative I: Bobbi brown TM review

I'm on a quest to find the perfect foundation alternative for days when I want abit of coverage on my bare skin. I've been looking heavily into tinted moisturizer and BB creams. I'll do a post and reviews about BB creams in the future, but today's post will focus on Bobbi Brown's Extra SPF25 tinted moisturizing balm.

I love anything with 'balm' in its name. Sounds comforting and almost..healing. This balm is great for dry, dehydrated skin, and I think it's especially great for winter.
thick, creamy texture
partly blended on hand
Here's a pic of my bare skin, with my dark undereye circles in its full glory (I suffer from insomnia from time to time): I find I have larger than average pores around the nose areas, which I'm trying to minimise. I also want a nice and even overall complexion.
What I look for in a foundation alternative is something which makes skin look flawless, yet feels good for the skin. Alot to ask for, I know. This TM had a thick consistency, but felt really light on the skin. I don't know how to describe the smell...maybe...herby..? It's quite a pleasant smell anyway.
On the skin, it looks super dewy. I love the moist, glow it gives my skin. However, it was almost too dewy and made my skin look shiny in areas, so I'll need apply some loose powder on my T-zone. I found the coverage extremely really sheer. Perfect for those wanting a really natural look.
All in all, I quite like it. It soothes my winter parched skin, and it's great for days when I want to look like I'm not wearing any makeup but feel my skin still needs a little coverage.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this TM! Regrettably I have to stay away from it, I need heavier coverage =(

    You can get Japanese cosmetics from online shops. Half of the brands that I mentioned in my post aren't available in Malaysia.

  2. Hey, was blog walking through...
    The foundation looks really great.. hmm, wondering should i get it? but i still a bottle of liquid foundation... :S

  3. Looks great! Could you please tell me what shade you got and what undertone it has? Thanks