Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Package from Hong Kong

My order from BoBoDave arrived yesterday!! As you can see, I bought quite a few things..

These include:
-L'egere Ice Toner and Whitening Eye Roller
-BeautyMaker Light Primer
-Paul and Joe Eye Primer and Face Colour
-and last but not least the famous L'egere BB cream. (I'll discuss the BB cream in my future posts of BB cream comparisons)

I was also given a free gift of L'egere Sill Essence plus Gold serum. Looks quite fun!
The colours I got fromPaul and Joe are: eye primer in 01, and face colour in 11:

I am in love with Paul and Joe face colours, I find both the packaging and the colours so pretty. Swatch of the face colour on my hand. A nice rosy pink colour. Beautymaker is a Taiwanese brand developed by the makeup artsit Kevin (I don't know his last name). I bought the Light Primer SPF30+ in pink. With its tiny light reflecting particles, I hope to use this product on its own, for a natural but radiant look.
Next up is the L'egere Pure Aqua Ice Toner. It's meant to be sprayed onto a cotton pad which you then apply to the face. It really does feel like ice. I put some on my husband, he found it uncomfortably cold and made his face sting. I myself, quite liked the coldness and didn't find it stinging my face. I didn't like the alcohol content, however. And did not like the smell... it smelt a TINY bit of hairspray..

Lastly, this really cute L'egere eye roller:

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I sometimes suffer from insomnia, and have dark undereye circles as a result. I'm on a constant quest to find an eye cream which helps to diminish these circles. This eye roller claims to reduce dark circles and bags in 28 days. I'll do a post in 28 days time with the results of this eye cream on my dark circles.


  1. the face colour is actually really pretty. I'm in love with it too

  2. oooh that eye roller sounds very convincing... can't wait for your review on it :) i have NATURALLY dark under eye circles *ugh* and am ALWAYS (and forever? lol) on the look out for good products to correct or conceal it