Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's In My Bag: Summer Edition

I decided to do a post on what I carry with me around in my bag during the Summer. Truth be told, it's almost the same as what I cart around during the winter. The main differences are the bag itself and the addition of a sunscreen.

My favourite accessory is the handbag. I go weak at the knees for them, and am more excited shopping for them than I am for shoes. That said, I don't own that many handbags, but I do love all the ones in my little collection. Perhaps, I'll do a post on my handbag collection in the future if anyone is interested.

My most used handbag this season is this foldover Dusty Rose bag from Warehouse. A pic of me with the bag when I took it on my recent trip to Prague.

I bought it for £36 which is relatively reasonable compared to how expensive handbags can be. The quality is great, and in my opinion this bag is worth every penny.

For versatility, the bag can be folded over and transformed into a shoulder bag.

I can fit quite a lot in this bag, but I've got to be careful not to let it get too heavy!

The Essentials:

Mobile, Wallet and Car/House Keys

I've had the wallet for years. I love the little pink bow on it. I attached a Gelaskins protector on the back of the phone as I quite like this cute artwork.

I sometimes carry with me:

a compact mirror, my favourite lipgloss, an SPF50+ cream

I've recently bought the Hourglass Lip Stain in Petal and I'm really loving it. Petal is a really pretty pinky coral shade. I've recently ordered a few Hourglass products (which I really love!) and am in the process of writing up a haul post about them.

Now, onto looking like a hypochondriac:

I occasionally suffer from migraines, IBS and am allergic to certain foods. So to be fully prepared I take with me ibuprofen tablets, anti-histamine and anti-spasmodics (all procured by my Doctor husband). I hardly ever use them, but it's good to know I have them just in case.

I got the little blue purse free from Estee Lauder. It's so handy for carrying my little arsenal of tablets. I also pop in a sample tube of my favourite lip balm (Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip balm), a tiny hand cream, and a tube of Becca's Beach Tint.

I've fainted quite a few times in the past from low blood sugar, so I always take with me a couple of little chocolates. I got these cute little Ritter Sports from Aldi. I don't take the whole lot with me, just a couple. my favourite is the Butter Biscuit flavour.

On rainy days I carry this umbrella that my husband bought me from Japan.

I love reading and go through so many books a year. I like to carry around some light reading with me. In this case, it's Gilding Lily by Tatiana Boncompagni. An easy to read fiction about New York's high society.


  1. The inside of your bag looks a lot like mine :) As I also suffer from IBS and migraine, I do have that kind of stuff with me as well, and often carry around a snack if I'm not sure when I'll be back home to eat. I even always have a pack of crackers and a bottle of water in my car so I'm never unprepared :-)

  2. It's so cool to hear about the contents of your bag!! It says so much about you ^^ Btw I love the little chocolates idea~ I know that it's for health reasons but still it's so CUTE that you always have one! I go weak at the knees for bags too ^^

  3. Nice!!! love the cute mirror!!


  4. i love your pink purse! it looks soft yet durable. :) we have warehouse here but we dont get the cute purses :(

  5. I love what's in your bag! I have the Becca Beach tint too since my little sister purchased it for me! And your wallet is super cute with the bow! I can't wait to see your upcoming hauls! Thanks for sharing Penelope! =)

  6. love your bag! how cool that it folds over! and i absolutely love your umbrella...so cute. most of my little bags that i keep in my purse are from estee lauder too :)

  7. I like your Iphone cover penelope...hehe
    And I like the Ritter sport mini too...:))


  8. I think that may be the prettiest umbrella that I have ever seen! Oh I like hourglass stuff too. Our list of common likes juts grows and grows x

  9. I am so in love with Becca and Hourglass right now! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who carries food/sugar with me all the time, I've fainted a couple times from low blood sugar myself

  10. Ooh, I love reading these kinds of posts. hehe. Your bag is lovely! I'd love to see a bag post in the near future. :D

    I also try not to carry much in my bag, but I think you've got all the essentials you need in yours. ^^ Your wallet is adorable btw. Love the bow!!

  11. I love that umbrella, would love to see it unfurled. And that Hourglass lip stain looks very pretty. I think I need to experiment with this brand a bit. Thanks for showing us--I always love to see what's in someone's bag.

  12. 1) Your bag is VERY cute! A very nice, soft color!
    2) I adore your phone cover. Mine is just pink, baha!
    3) Your compact mirror is very pretty and ornate!
    4) I love the idea of having a little snack in your purse. I sometimes am like that as well.
    5) Your umbrella is lovely!

    You've inspired me to do a post on what's in my purse.

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  14. your bag is so pretty dear and i think you got everything you might ever need in it. ;)

    your wallet is also very pretty and i like your umbrella. <3

  15. I love your bag! Especially the rose color and the style. I really like these purse posts. You can fit quite a lot into a single purse. {*wow}

    <3 S.

  16. ahh you are well prepared! it's good that our husband can takes care of of you too. I love those Ritter Sport mini packs.. I can devour them within the day- not good!! Finally, love the bag - the colour's perfect and it'll go with everything! Ohh I'm also going to prague in Aug!!

  17. i love the bag!!!
    looks like you have lots of goodies in you bag:)
    lots of love

  18. thats a nice color handbag. and SPF is soo important in this weather!! *thumbs up*

  19. you have a nice bag and thanks for showing what's inside it! XD
    you really prepared for summer!

  20. I love this bag! I've been thinking about getting a bag in similar style, foldover with a shoulder strap in the US! I recently did a post on my handbags as my fans were wanting to see so I showed only 6 of the 31 I own. Last handbag I purchased from a Euro bag designer was from Modalu, I got the Pippa bag ;) Hope you'll stop by bravoe runway!

  21. So neat and tidy bag:) luv everything inside!:)

  22. Thank you for stopping by Bravoe Runway and commenting! Glad you liked the orange sweater ;)

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  24. nice
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  25. *cough cough*
    36 pounds only?! I swear, in your arms it looked a few hundred pounds worth.

    That's it! If I ever becomes some bag designer, gonna hire you as my model. AHAHAHAAAAA!! Oh, and clothes too...

  26. cute purse and a nice color handbag! love it..


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