Friday, July 8, 2011

Chanel Tweed Corail

Hi everyone, just a quick post on my latest blush acquisition: Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Corail 20.

I've read lovely things about Chanel's tweed effect blushes, and after much deliberating (and researching through various beauty blogs) I chose Tweed Corail (french for Coral) for its gorgeous peachy coral shade.

This blush has a stunning embossed tweed look which unfortunately (but not surprisingly) gets more and more blended with each application.

A close up of the tweed effect:

The colour is a beautiful peachy-pink coral shade with gold flecks. Just perfect for brightening up my cheeks for Summer, giving me a pop of colour and a sun-kissed glow.

The powder feels soft and blends easily onto the cheeks. This blush is buildable; you can apply the blush sparingly for a natural look, or you can apply more layers for stronger colour. Here is a medium application of the blush on my left cheek (your right).

The sales assistant at Chanel was lovely and gave me this cute little Chanel charm with my purchase.

Anyway, sorry for the short post, hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. Beautiful blush! I'm yet to venture into Chanel face products, I have however bought plenty lip products.
    Maybe next payday i'll check the blushes out ^^

  2. I've always scared of using a blush. scared of breakouts >.<~~ so I usually skip off the blushing part.huhuhu... but look at your photos reminds me of how important a blushers is. thanks =D

    and for the cute channel charm... I WANT IT BADLY...nawww... >.<~~

  3. such a beautiful blush,
    i love it because it is peachy pink coral shade with gold flecks. .
    it look so pretty on you

  4. Looks like I need this blush! ;)

  5. wow the blusher looks soo nice soo pretty^^ love the review thanks!

  6. what a beautiful color!! it looks great on you too~ :)

  7. the color looks so pretty on you and i love the tweed design of the blush. :)

    i don't own any chanel blushes ATM but i keep hearing good things about them. ;)

  8. Such a pretty blush color. :] It's very natural and gives you that pretty glow. Aw, and the charm is super cute!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  9. Very pretty! I have had my eye on the tweed blushes for a long time now. I might take the plunge and purchase one soon :)

  10. Looks lovely, I'm a bit more excited about that charm though :)

  11. nice swatches, looks like a lovely colour, might try it hehe

  12. How sweet of the SA to gift that charm to you! None of the counters here are so generous, or prolly I'm not a regular hahaha~

    Tweed Corail is so pretty!

  13. The colour looks amazing, love chanel make-up, think I might have to buy this! x

  14. The colors looks pretty and I love the color! I want to try Chanel cosmetics but I just never had the chance to get any! Great pick!

  15. it's gorgeous on you!!

  16. Looks great on you! Then again, I have not seen any blusher looking bad on you. >.<;;
    You.too.pretty! :D

    LOVE the charm!

  17. hi darling! you look great!
    nice post and blog!
    check out mine I'd glad we could follow each other!
    hope to hear from u soon and see u follow me =)

  18. such a sweet color!!! i love it!

  19. nice color. looks natural on you.

  20. Loving that colour on you Penelope! It matches your skin tone sooo well! I've actually been meaning to get this blush, but I haven't had the chance yet. Gah it looks so gorgeous on you!

  21. hi Penny! tweed corail looks so pretty against your skin! perfect for summer indeed. :D

    RYC: im so sad about being allergic to the melliesh powder... its really nice! :/