Thursday, July 21, 2011

Japanese Makeup Haul From apopofkawaii

I love Japanese cosmetics and have recently placed an order on the beautiful Nicola's online store apopofkawaii. It's a terrific shop filled with lots of little gems only available in Asia. My order arrived really quickly - within a week if i'm not mistaken, which is amazing seeing as it's sourced in and shipped from Japan.

Here's my order all neatly packaged together:

I bought 4 products:

Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish RD-2
Shiseido Integrate Blush PK210
Lavshuca Melting Eyes BE-1
Integrate Eyebrow Pencil GY941

I first set eyes on the Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish at Worship at the House of Blues, a beautifully written blog with the most gorgeous pictures. The blush looked so gorgeous, and after some deliberating, I decided to make a purchase.

The blush is so pretty, I spent many lost moments admiring it.

More pictures of the lovely blush:

Swatches of each of the 4 shades, and a swatch of the 4 shades blended together (on the extreme right). Blended together, this blush is a bright peachy-pink shimmery shade.

The blush on my cheeks, all 4 shades blended:

The blush on my cheeks came across quite shimmery, which I'm not used to. I think the next time I use it, I'll avoid the shimmery white shade.

My favourite makeup item is blush, and I couldn't resist trying the Shiseido Integrate Blush in PK210.

This blush is a cool toned baby pink.

The blush on my cheek:

It gives a soft, baby pink cheek. I can imagine this blush to be very popular in creating either cute 'Ulzzang' makeup or a sweet 'doll' look.

I also bought the Lavshuca Melting Eyes in BE-1. It has a funny name, but the I think the shades of in this eyeshadow palette are gorgeous.

The shades are fairly shimmery. I find Japanese brands to have really beautiful shades of makeup, but some of their formulas tend to be a bit on the shimmery side.

Swatches of the 4 shades:

As I'm growing my fringe out, I need to start grooming my unruly brows. I bought Integrate's Eyebrow Pencil GY941. I've read great things about how easy to use and natural looking this eyebrow pencil is. GY941 is a dark grey with a hint of brown.

The shade is a perfect match for my eyebrows.

Nicola also added a packet Hello Kitty facial blotters. So cute!

Before I forget, thanks to all of you who wished me good luck in my Citizenship test. Lucky for me, it was very straightforward and I passed!


  1. Gorgeous post my dear!

    I agree about the Visee blush. But I think it is nice to have the option for shimmer? I avoid the white shade too.

  2. pretty stuff you hauled in babe! the blush design is beautiful! hows the brush? usable? :)

    congrats on passing your citizenship test! <3

  3. love japan stuffs too! love your hauls:)And Congrats on passing the citizenship test :)

  4. That blush DOES look gorgeous! I took a look at their website, and it all looks wonderful! The blotters are adorable. ;)

    Congratulations as well!

  5. Lavshuca Melting Eyes in BE-1<< ahaha yes I laughed a bit. it's kinda funny, melting eyes =D

  6. *drools*
    The eyeshadow is so pretty! Can't wait to see you with it

    p.s: I think we're about the same age but compared to you, I lack the poise and elegance that simply oozes out of your pores. Oh wait, you don't have pores T.T, skin then, skin!

    So having such a gorgeous person telling I'm beautiful, I floated around for the day. Thank you!

  7. congrats on passing dear! :)

    try to use the white shade of the first blush palette as a highlight next time. ^_^

  8. These blushes are lovely! I really like the Shiseido one. Such a nice flush of natural color. ^^

    Oh! And congrats on passing your citizenship exam! Yay!

  9. Lovely haul!
    I love your blushes, I want to try the Visee one too! :)

    Congrats on passing your citizenship test! xx

  10. congratulations on passing the test. i have lavshuca BE-1. it's definitely more shimmery than my other neutrals. the texture is soft and smooth.

    thanks for your lovely comment :)

  11. I'm so glad everything arrived so quickly! I love the blushes on you! I recommend a Maquillage for anyway light shimmery shade - it's really finely milled and it always gives me a lovely glowy dimension when i pair with a darker pink or peach shade:) I heard the Lavshuca palette is a dupe of a lunasol palette - I think it will look gorgeous on you! Congrats on passing your test!!

  12. congrats on passing your citizenship test! now you are an official citizen :D and gems available in asia but online store that I can get here, hello!! checking it out now haha

  13. Nice haul Penelope, I love Nic shop, she's a sweet heart! I actually planning to make an order soon, I think I want some of their canmake blushes! And congrats passing your citzenship test! =)Visee line looks pretty and I actually wanted their eyeshadow palette, so I will look into it as well! Btw, I am loving the sleep lip tint that you sent to me, I'm still using them ever since you sent them out! Thanks again! =)

  14. the first blush is soooo pretty! *.* i'm also looking for some japonese makeup brands to order online, any suggestions?
    thanks in advance :3

    xoxo Monstros no Armário

  15. Nice haul! I love blushes even though I hardly use them. The Visee one is super gorgeous, all that patterns! I wouldn't have the heart to dip my brush into it haha xD

    And congrats on getting your citizenship my dear *mwah*

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  17. Ha ha, unlike your perfect complexion, mine is only because I have 2 inch thick make up on XD


    I'm really not kidding :D

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  19. pretty things ! love your blog !

  20. thanks for your suggestion and the comment on my blog, very sweet of you! :3 i really like the brushes you puchased, they are the exact tones i like using on my skin, since i'm also very white and a bit pale n.n
    i'm going to stalk your blog, if you don't mind, haha :3

    xoxo, Monstros no Armário