Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Beauty Inspirations

Hi everyone, sorry for another short post. I've been super busy this past week, especially with my UK Citizenship exam tomorrow. I haven't been keeping up-to-date with the reading of my favourite beauty blogs, but hopefully I'll manage to find time soon.

For today's short post, I'd like to share with you my list of women who I find incredibly beautiful. Those who inspire me to take better care of my skin, and sometimes inspire my makeup application.

I'd first like to start with two celebrities whom I think have the most gorgeous skin. Scarlet Johansson and Jessica Alba.

Their peachy, flawless complexions have inspired me not only to be serious about my skincare, but to make more effort as to what I put into my body. Just looking at their skin makes me want to drink lots of water and to eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Olivia Palermo is more famous for her amazing dress sense, but I can't help but admire her delicate features and superb makeup application. With her huge eyes, long lashes and pink cheeks, she always looks as pretty as a doll.

Next up, this young model from Hungary has the most exquisite features - especially her wolf-like blue eyes.

Barbara Palvin

I admire the next three women for their extraordinary exotic beauty, as well as their timeless elegance and poise.

Gong Li:

Not only is she such a beautiful woman, but I really admire her acting skills and am a big fan of her films.

Queen Rania Of Jordan:

Not only is she beautiful and a Queen, but she's intelligent and speaks out for what she believes in.

Aishwarya Rai:

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Who are your beauty inspirations?


  1. All gorgeous girls.

    I love Scarlet Johansson she is always stunning!

  2. yes i agree they all look beautiful
    Jessica Alba looks pretty even with less make up

  3. I adore January Jones! Also Kristina Hendrickx and Alexis Bledel are beautiful.

  4. They're all Goddess of beauty! I was inspired by every beautiful woman I meet:)

  5. Beautiful post, love all these ladies they are not just pretty faces but incredibly talented & great success in their chosen fields.

  6. wow Aishwarya Rai is amzing i love everything about her!
    My inspriation: Song Hye Kyo i find her really pretyy and i love her skin!


  7. Lovely images. I especially love the Gong Li photo, her makeup is stunning.

  8. Great picks. I really love Ash, Jessica Abla and Queen Rania.

  9. Great pictures! Those are very inspirational as well!!! I love Jessica Alba too!

  10. I can definitely see where you would draw inspiration; they're all so beautiful. I think you're quite the expert at the natural beauty yourself!

  11. I love who've chosen... I think recently since watching Edge of Love recently - I love both Kiera Knightly and Sienna Miller. They are both so different and beautiful at the same time! Olivia Wilde is just so beautiful. I a big fan of Penelope Cruz too. As for Asian women I really like Haruka Ayase - she ooze natural beautiful. I agree with you on Gong Li. She is awesome!

    Good luck with your exam!

  12. oops i mean natural beauty ^^

  13. lovely post...
    On my blog there's an exclusive interview to paola iezzi, a famous italian singer. I wait you there for a comment...follow each other? 8)

  14. They are all gorgeous! I love Scarlet!

  15. You really have a nice list going on there! I LOVE Olivia Polermo. I couldn't care less if she was portrayed as a witch (with a "b") on The City. Her signature nail polish color is Essie Lollipop btw :)

  16. good choices! I lean towards the more classic beauties for my inspiration, women like Vivien Leigh (possibly the most beautiful women who ever lived), marilyn monroe, Veronica Lake and Grace kelly

    I do love Scarlet tho! she's outrageously beautiful xoxo

    hope your exam went well!!