Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cherry Blossom FOTD Part II

A simple FOTD using 4 products with a summery OOTD thrown in.

Spring is my favourite season. The sun is shining, cute lambs are born, and trees are starting to blossom.

Today's FOTD is in tribute of the beautiful pink cherry blossoms. I did a Cherry Blossom FOTD last spring, and thought I'd make it a yearly tradition!

My springtime cherry blossom FOTD is centered around flower pink lips and peachy cheeks.

To achieve this I used my new Smashbox In Bloom Cream Cheek Duo, my favourite product this spring.

I skipped foundation or any kind of base today. This year I've been really lucky with my skin. My aim in January was to really work on improving my skin so that I won't have to use foundation anymore.

I used the peachy pink shade (on the right) of the Smashbox Cream Cheek Duo on my cheeks, and the bright pink shade dabbed on my lips.

I used my Illamasqua blusher brush (pictured here) to apply the colour onto my cheeks. It's a great brush which can be used on both cream and powder blush formulas.

I curled my hair for this FOTD using a curling wand, it did not turn out too well! Next time i'll just not aettmpt to style my hair-I'm rubbish at it!

I'm still in my minimalist phase and have used 4 products in this FOTD.

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in All About Eve

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black

Smashbox In Bloom Cream Cheek Duo

The Duos really help to save space as well as lessen the load of products used!

It's a beautiful sunny day, so I wore this white dress I bought from a small boutique in Sarawak, Malaysia. The dress features white chiffon flowers on the neckline.

Here are a couple OOTD pics:

and a slight closer up:


  1. Your skin definitely doesn't need foundation. And it's good to get your skin to breathe. I like this look, even with your hair in waves. By the way, are you originally from Malaysia?

  2. You actually look like you're wearing foundation! You're skin looks so dewy and radiant. You also look good in that shade of lipstick.

  3. Your skin is absolutely flawless (I know, I sa this every single time, haha...), so you can definitely skip foundation!

    Very clean and pretty look, Penelope! Love your dress! Oh, and your hair doesn't look rubbish at all! I'm a rally bad hair person too! :p

  4. oh my penny, your pictures are so breathtaking..and your skin is absolutely insanely flawless..i envy u,i don;t think u're gonna be needing any foundations with that skin of yours..i love ur white dress with the floral pretty!and your crib rocks!i love your hair too!U look fab girl..

  5. i love that dress,
    your skin is so flawless
    dewy and so natural

  6. ahhh flawless again! I love the dress too :)
    Im really into all of these blossom looks, I just filmed a tutorial inspired by them, its uploading as I type this :D xoxo

  7. You look beautiful!!!
    You have the most beautiful skin!


  8. regardless to your minimalist phase I love your skin and what you did with your hair, it's so cute :)

  9. Love the Cherry Blossom FOTD, you look gorgeous and the outfits simply goes well with it.

  10. your face is so flawless even without foundation. pretty sakura theme FOTD and the white dress is cute.

  11. Your skin is just flawless. I wish my skin was more even like yours. Im loving products that can be used for several areas as well.

  12. I'm new to your blog. I enjoy it & agree with the others about your flawless skin.
    My question is silly, but what does FOTD stand for?

  13. Thanks girls for the great compliments. @anonymous thanks for visiting my blog, FOTD stands for Face of the Day. It's not a silly question, don't worry! Face of the day is a beauty blog term for basically a makeup look, and the blogger also writes down which products they used. OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day :)

  14. Loved the color of blush.

    new follower. please follow back

  15. {*WOW}... Your skin is AMAZING. I can't [actually I can] believe you aren't wearing any foundation. Gorgeous flawless skin. You look so dreamy in these photos. I remember this makeup look sounded familiar. You've been doing on every single year. =) That's cool that you're making it a yearly thing.

    <3 s.

  16. oooo such a pretty look!! i love your outfit! the dress is so pretty!

  17. omg you used 4 products in this look (without the need of foundation)? jealous >_<!!! the blush looks nice on ur cheeks!

  18. "I enjoy your blog so much!
    You have beautiful pictures!"

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  19. what a gorgeous spring look! the white dress goes perfectly with the makeup!

  20. You look so pretty!
    That duo kit looks amazing.

  21. What's your secret to the flawless skin??
    Besides good genes XD

  22. Love Love Love it! You are beautiful as always and I just love all your pictures!

  23. That dress is so gorgeous!!! You look stunning!
    Love your natural make up, you have such great skin!

  24. you look so pretty ^^ hello from malaysia! :) and is the headr part of your perfume collection? <3

  25. omg you look gorgeous!!! Really love that dress on you, so spring and cute!!!

  26. i love your lip color and your dres :)

    new follower :D

  27. This is such a beautiful look Penelope! :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  28. soo pretty i love the way you d you eye make up^^ kawaii (Cute)and loving the dress^^

  29. you look gorgeous in pink!! I like the idea of mimalist! I went through that in the UK hehe.. But noway I could look that nice! The dress is very chic too!

  30. You have the most beautiful skin :) Really! I love this look so much !