Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Review

Hi everyone. Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold is my HG makeup primer. I've used it for quite a few of my FOTDs and decided to do a review on the product itself.

According to Guerlain:
'Instant radiance to reveal a perfect complexion. Gold is the most precious of metals. Pure, it reflects light in an extraordinary and unfailing way. To light up the complexion, Guerlain has chosen to include 24-carat gold in a hydrating and soothing gel. The gold gas been fashioned into precious flakes using a unique time-honoured method, to integrate them magically into the gel. As though suspended in the air, the flakes sparkle to reveal their precious treasure: radiance. The complexion is immediately awakened, thanks to the formula's extreme hydrating action: +112% after two hours and 93% after 6 hours (instrumental test).'

The base is housed in a beautiful glass bottle, which feels quite heavy and of good quality. The base itself is extremely lightweight. It melts so easily onto the skin, dispersing and evenly distributing the gold flakes. There is a slight fragrance to it which is subtle and pleasant. The base is very luxurious and feel so fresh and cooling on my skin. I found that it helps keep my skin quite moisturised too. The gold flakes disperses into very tiny gold shimmer particles, leaving an amazing glow.

It looks great alone or under makeup. I sometimes just dab a small amount onto my cheeks to give them a great dewy sheen. A little of this product goes a very long way. I've had this bottle for a year and there's still so much of it left. (It has a recommended shelf life of a year though, so might need to replace it at some point).

Here is a pic of me taken from a previous FOTD post, with the base and a little BB cream on top.

This base looks great under powder foundation too. Here is a pic of me & fellow scientists at some party at a genetics convention in Rome, wearing the base under powder foundation.

- lightweight, yet luxurious feel
- gives skin an incomparable dewy, radiant glow
- slight moisturizing effect on skin
- looks great on its own, and under liquid or powder foundation
- very easily applied onto the skin
- non greasy
- only a little is needed, so product lasts a long time

- expensive at £40


  1. Hi Penelope,
    It's good to know that it is lighweight and it is easily absorb by the skin. Thanks for the nice review. I wanna try this. I'm a huge fan of Guerlain too. Btw, what bb cream did you use. You look fresh in the foto.

  2. @gingersnap thanks for the comment. I used the Skinfood Mushroom BB cream, love the scent!

  3. hello, I am back. You are welcome. Thank you also. I wanna give a try. I hope I can find the BB cream. Have a goodnight..

  4. wow your skin is so flawless! i'm very jealous.

  5. Hi Penn!!! I've been eyeing this primer for a long time too since it came out. Sadly the price has always deterred me...but it does make your skin look flawless (but I suspect your skin is such on its own isn't it?! Hehehe) How much product does it come with? I paid about $28US for a JS one that only has 15mL -- which is quite expensive as well :(

  6. I always see this at the Guerlain counter and wondered how it looks on. It looks like a great primer.

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  8. I was looking for a makeup base and this sounds great. Have to check in stores.xx

  9. You are so flawless and pretty! It looks great on you! And I love your eye shape!

  10. great review! i have the regular primer one. love it! maybe i should get this as well.

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway

  11. ohh if i see this in the duty free i am definitely gonna have a look at it! You are always glowing, i think you have the most prettiest porcelain skin!

  12. Hey great review. This is really mixing with skin and giving very nice glow. Thanks for sharing your information.

  13. Thanks for the great comments and sweet compliments! @NicNic I got mine from Duty Free too!

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