Monday, December 13, 2010

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup Review

Hi everyone, today I'm doing a quick review on Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup. This will be a glowing review as I absolutely love this powder!

This is a loose powder foundation costs £32 and comes with a small flat top brush. The large version of this brush costs over £20, so it's quite a good saving! I think the inclusion of a brush is a pretty new addition, as a few bloggers have notified me that their foundation did not come with a brush. In fact, the make-up assistant was also surprised to find it included a brush.

I bought the shade 020 light beige, which matches me well.

The box includes a picture diagram on how to use the powder.

According to Dior:

The first loose powder foundation with a 'water' sensation. Surprising, moist and refresing as it touches the skin, the powder glides like a caress to even out the complexion with a sheer finish and leave it fresh, matte and luminous.

Exceptionally rich in precious minerals, vitamins and trace elements, Mineralized Water acts like a hydrating and energizing cocktail for the skin. your complexion glows with intensity and dazzles with well-being. Your skin gradually becomes more beautiful.

My Thoughts

I use this powder alone over moisturiser. I love how you don't need to use a setting powder on top. Here are some pics of it on my skin:


I LOVE this powder. Used on it's own, it looks so natural on the skin. It feels weightless, whilst providing sheer but buildable coverage. I was most impressed with the radiant glow it gave my skin, without making it look shiny or oily. The powder feels moist compared to other powder foundations and my skin felt comfortable and hydrated with it on. As it is a powder, it had pretty good oil control and I don't need to use a setting powder on top of it.

* A Tip for achieving this glow is to dab the brush containing powder onto the skin first before swirling the brush in circular movements to blend the powder *

Who would I recommend it to?

It's a great foundation for those with normal-combination skin types, and for those who already have good skin and are looking for sheer to medium natural looking coverage.

Does it irritate my skin?

Most foundations which include minerals irritate my skin, but this one doesn't at all. Nor does it clog my pores. For an extra flawless finish, you can also use this powder on top of foundation as a loose powder.

How is its staying power?

Applied on it's own, on top of moisturiser, I found it to have good staying power. The foundation lasted all day without any touch-ups. I have read that it becomes slightly too oily at the end of the day for those with oilier skin types.

- SPF 10

- provides light to medium coverage while looking so natural

- gave the skin an amazing radiant, healthy glow

-does not irritate my skin

-easy to apply and is long lasting

-don't need to apply setting powder on top

-can also be applied as a loose powder on top of liquid foundation for those who like extra coverage

-comes with a flat top brush


-brush is not as soft as others I have tried, a bit on the prickly side

-as it has a moist feel to it, it has some oil control, but may not be enough for those with oily skin types

- the loose powder formula means it can be a bit messy to apply

- does not come in a large variety of shades

-expensive at £32


  1. OMG...ur skin looks perfect in the i wanna go get the loose powder but i just bought my mineralize skin finish from MAC.. =( Wish I have read this post earlier


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  3. Penelope, it doesn't look like you need any coverage, your skin looks perfect! I've only used pressed powder. Maybe it's time to try loose powder.

  4. Your skin looks glorious!! Haha. I've read sooo many great reviews about this powder. I guess I'll put it in my wishlist :D

  5. You are such an enabler!! I'm definitely hankering for this foundation now after reading your glowy review + looking at your flawless FOTDs!! Penelope, you have great skin!!!

  6. I love cute diagrams!

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. You have such flawless skin and beautiful eyes!:D

    Thanks for the review and pictures, might be something I'd try.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. im just thinking of getting this coz im using dior snow compact (the one wif spf too!) but im also interested at the MUFE mineral powder ahhhh but i guess xmas coming i can get both? lol

    xoxo elle

  9. you have really beautiful skin and dolly eyes =D!

    I love Dior's products packaging. its pretty enough to put on vanity ♥

  10. Your skin is so beautiful! You don't need any makeup, I daresay!

  11. You have the most flawless skin I've ever seen.
    You make me want to buy this powder so I lie to myself and believe it'll give me skin like yours ToT

  12. Wow your and skin looks so healthy and fresh! Don't even think you need any powder :)

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this powder too! And it looks absolutely wonderful on you!!

  14. Your skin looks flawless!

  15. The brush is so awesome! N yes ur skin is freaking gd!!!

  16. Wow, thanks girls! You are too sweet. thanks for the lovely compliments on my skin xx

  17. U have one of the most skins ever, thanks for the review..this item will be on my wishlist as I really need one^^.

  18. I love this product too, it's my HG face product. Lucky yours came with a brush!

  19. I'd love to try this because i dont really need coverage at all. your skin is flawless anyway! so pretty =D. love your eyes too :D. will definitely have a look at this product next time =) xx