Monday, December 6, 2010

Western BB creams: Lancome UV Expert BB Base SPF50+++ Review

BB creams have been popular in Asia for many years now, and Western brands have recently caught on making their own versions of the cream. Here is a quick review on Lancome's UV Expert BB Base SPF50 PA+++.

The product in packaged in a small 30ml tube. Great for travelling, or carrying around in your bag.

The ingredients list:

Like most BB creams, this only comes in one shade, a pale beige. My guess is that this colour would only suit those with fair skin.

This is the cream partially blended on my skin. You can see there is a slight grey-cast to it:

However, once fully blended the grey cast almost fully disappears:

The BB cream on my face. It give a nice dewy finish:

And an FOTD using the BB cream (my skin looks a different shade in the 2 pics due to different lighting conditions):

According to Lancome:

'This incredibly lightweight texture unifies skin tone to ideally cover imperfections, such as brown spots, blemishes and fine lines.

Upon application, your complexion looks naturally flawless and even with enhanced make-up result. Skin is protected, visibly brightened, moisturised, soft and smooth, glowing with healthy translucency.'

My Thoughts:

Texture, scent and shade
The cream had a medium to thick consistency, which spreads easily over the skin. It's not as thick as most BB creams. The scent is pretty strong and smells of a flowery perfume. As previously mentioned, it only comes in one shade. The colour is a pale beige and will only match those with lighter skin colour.

Coverage is not as good as most BB creams, but I found it to give the perfect amount of coverage for those with already good skin and want to even out their skintone. The finish is great! Really nice and glowy, making the skin look more radiant. Because the cream looks so dewy and glowy, it may look a bit on the shiny side on those with oily skin types.

Due to the light coverage, I found this cream to act more of a tinted SPF cream rather than a BB cream.

Staying power and oil control
I found the cream to have decent staying power. I'm not sure how well this cream fares for combination to oily skin types, or those living in tropical climates. It's winter here and my skin is currently normal to dry. As the cream is super dewy and has no mattifying effects, it may be too oily for some.

Would I recommend this BB cream?
I would recommend this cream to those with good skin and are looking for sheer to medium coverage to even out their skintone. I LOVE the fact that it contains SPF50. The bonus of this cream is the nice radiant glow it gives the skin. Having said that, this cream is pretty expensive (~£30) for such a small tube so I think it may not be worth it. There are less expensive creams out there who might do the job just as well.

-SPF 50
-sheer to medium coverage, gave a lovely radiant, glowy finish
-compact enough to carry around in handbag

-expensive at RM165 (~£30) for a small 30ml bottle
-too much fragrance, irritated my skin slightly
-coverage may be too light for some tastes
- only comes in one shade, too light for those with darker skintones


  1. this looks you recommend a bb cream for oily skin? I have been wanting to try one for a while xoxo

  2. Fantastic review! I'd been considering ordering this online but after your review I dont think I'll bother.

    Your skin looks completely flawless so I imagine this would work well but unfortunately my skin is a complete nightmare and I get terrible breakouts around my chin (most annoying!!) ♥

  3. Your face is so nice :) Love your make-up. I heard a lot of good reviews of Lancome products, especially the mascaras. Thinking about trying this brand because now I use the cheaper ones like L'Oréal, Maybelline, Max Factor and natural products made from herbals.
    I have a fashion blog if you want we can follow eachother :)
    XOXO Lidia

  4. great review! ^^ i've read much cheaper alternative BB creams to this, however, i love the packaging - the blue and white really works for me!

  5. Great review as always. I been using the Missha perfect cover and I like it so far.

  6. thank you for the review about the lancome bb cream. i don't know if we'd have it here in the US. it's a good consideration for me. especially with the high SPF content and a nice dewy look for the winter time. :)

    you have very amazing skin, by the way. it looks very pretty with the glow from the bb cream too. :)

    thanks so much for following and commenting. i'm now a new follower of your blog as well. looking forward to more visits here. take care. :)

  7. You have really radiant skin :) I might look into checking this BB cream out, I've not tried BB cream yet xxx

  8. what a great review! i didn;t know they had bb cream in the western market as well. really should check it out. it looks so glow-y on you. love!

  9. Your skin looks gorgeous, love it!

  10. aww you look pretty ^^ I've never known Lancome did BB creams although I've got a few Lancome products. I'll need to try it out. :P Hopefully it's better than my Dr.jart BB cream.

  11. Thank you for the review. That does seem an expensive BB cream. I am intrigued by all these new BB cream brands like MAC etc are bringing out. Right now Dr Jart is my favourite. x

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  13. I've not heard of this one before! Can you get it in the UK? It sounds great :D. Love to try it xD xx

  14. Thanks for the comments and compliments girls!
    @Linda You can buy the BB cream from with free shipping

  15. great blog keep up the good work,the reviews are helpful.and i love your fringe i really want to get one cut but feel a bit scared.come check out my beauty blog and follow if you want :)

  16. Lancome really tries to jump on all the bandwagons don't they? First youtube, now bb creams. Smart move I'd say.

  17. sounds great, too bad it comes just in only one shade..:(.xx

  18. That's great review... Sadly its one of my regretful buy of the yr. It made me look far too shiny for my liking and I think it made me skin worse at the time when I was breaking out - well it certain didn't improve it. Haven't used it in months n I bought it for 4000 yen >_< I love nanoce so much more :D

  19. @NicNic Oh no! It made your skin worse! I'm now looking at my BB cream suspiciously. Thanks for the comment, so others can read about how different people find the cream! The nanoce sounds really good, I must try it. I'm heading to your shop now x