Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: My Husband and His Review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Hi everyone, my husband insisted on doing a guest review on my blog. As he doesn't use beauty products, he's decided to review a movie we've recently watched. So, introducing my first Guest husband.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Weng-Tak (contains spoilers)

My wife and I went to the cinema last week to check out the new Harry Potter film. I'm not ashamed to say we are both quite big HP fans, and have read all the books so far, (although I cant remember much about the last few books).

I'm not known for my memory, and I'm struggling to think how the film starts. Nothing is ringing any bells, so I'm going to say the start wasn't fantastic, certainly not as good as the opening scenes from other HP films. On an aside, I watched "momento" with Guy Pierce last night, which is an excellent film about a guy with no short term memory who is trying to investigate his wife's murder. My memory isnt as bad as his.

Back to HP.. The main storyline revolves around the 3 main characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione, and their quest to kill the evil wizard Voldemort. To do this they have to destroy several horcruxes. Irritatingly, Voldemort has split up his soul into 7 or 8 different pieces, and fused them with these horcruxes, so in order to kill him, they first have to get rid of his horcruxes. For the majority of the film, the 3 of them are in hiding in a tent. One of the best things about previous films was when they were at the magical school Hogwarts as there were loads of random things happening e.g. moving staircases, and enchanted dining hall with replenishing food etc. The latest film misses out on all of this stuff. I cant really blame anyone for this, as it's part of the book, but the location aspect is certainly less entertaining. The film is quite dark, and certain scenes will be scary for young children. Those over 15 have no excuse for being scared though. Its important to point out that the final book is split into 2 films, so this one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. If you cant wait for the next film, just buy the book.

My final comment is on Ron Weasley, aka Rupert Grint. For those who dont know what he looks like, he is the boy with a large mop of ginger hair and lets just say not known for his good looks.

His only other film to note is "Thunderpants", I was the unfortunate recipient of this many years ago and was suitably unimpressed. Now, up until we saw this film I had nothing against Ron, however as we exited the cinema my wife had the audacity to say that she thought he was quite hot. This brings up several issues:

1. Why Ron Weasley, there are plenty of other good looking characters in the film.
2. Maybe she is trying to annoy me.
3. If she is being serious, then she certainly has questionable taste in men, what does this say about me?
4. Should I make her watch thunderpants and see if she changes her mind?

So... In conclusion. Yes the film is good, but not as good as previous Harry Potter films. Amazingly Ron Weasley has a female following, and should maybe be entered for Heat magazine's weird crush competition next year. (Yes I read Heat magazine, dont judge me).

If you like this blog entry, please comment and I'll write another one next month. If you dont like it then read it again, maybe it will grow on you.


  1. Haha....this is such a cute post! Great review! I thought the only interesting parts were the first few scene though...

  2. haha your husband's funny! well written review. yes, please continue with the movie reviews. great idea with the guest blogger. i wonder if i can get my husband to do that...doubt it.

  3. I agree that this was not the best HP movie, but the next one will have a bank break-in and the big final battle, so that should be interesting :). About Ron, haha, I guess he has a goofy kind of charm?

  4. LOL about the ron weasley part, I think alot of males don't understand why girls like ron, but I think he has this sort of "charm"?

  5. haha! this made me LOL (quietly because it's early in the morning!). i haven't seen hp because, honestly, i'm not a big fan. but the trailers for this movie has got me wanting to watch this one. the only times i ever watch it is when it's on at christmas day and there's nothing else to watch!

  6. I need to get my ass to the theater and see it myself!

  7. Omg.. this made me laugh so badly at the end. Great post.

  8. LOL @ (2) Maybe she is trying to annoy me and (3) If she is being serious, then she certainly has questionable taste in men, what does this say about me?

    Your husband is hilarious. Mans. I feel like he wanted to write this post JUST to have the section about Ron Weasley, aka Rupert Grint. Oh this post cracked me so much.

    I have to agree with him though. The setting for the last few films is quite boring. It has also gotten really dark. I actually jumped a few times during this movie. Possibly 5 times or more! Hella spooked me out with the "jumpy" scenes. It isn't scared but when they had random things pop out, I jumped. {*HAHA}

    I think this review isn't too bad. It just might suck for those who haven't read the book and don't know the storyline. I know if it weren't for the fact I watched the movie already I'd be like... "AWW MANS!! He have it all away!" In general, this review was pretty good. Not too much given away just barely touched the surface of the story.

    I think it's good you added 'contains spoilers'. Maybe you should make it a tad bigger in case people miss it.

    <3s Serena.

  9. Thanks so much for the lovely comments girls, they made my husband very pleased with himself! I must justify my Ron Weasley crush... in the film, he was very protective of Hermione, and he'd grown too. Now he's quite tall and broad..hehe

  10. Omg, Ron's the hottest guy in whole film!! And that's saying something. He's so muscular and yummy, haha!

  11. I thought Ron was pretty hot in the film myself. But I never told my boyfriend about it since I knew that would annoy him. LOL XD

    And what kind of a magazine Heat is, really? I watched this British sitcom called the IT Crowd and it says something about only gays read Heat. XD

  12. @Fifi hahaha Heat magazine is a celebrity gossip magazine!