Monday, November 1, 2010

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 01 and 03

Hi everyone! I tried my very best to resist the new Jill Stuart Blush Blossoms, but completely caved in and bought two. They just look so pretty and sweet, I couldn't resist!

I bought this blush in the shades 01 Romantic Sweet Pea and 03 Lady Amaryllis from

They were packaged in the usual sweet pale peachy pink Jill Stuart boxes, with instructions on the back on how to use the product.

The blush comes in a beautiful case with a little white goat hair brush that is great for travelling.

According to Jill Stuart:
'Loose cheek powder to layer two colors for customised shimmer and hue. For cheeks that look like they are naturally blushing. Its light and breezy texture blends effortlessly into your skin for a flawless look. Provides long lasting, beautiful finish with clear colors accompanied by a feeling of rich moisture. Contains pure crystal powder and crystal floral bouquet fragrance.'

I've got to say that Jill Stuart is great for very sweet, romantic looking colours.

The case opens to reveal a good sized mirror, and a plastic cover to protect the powder from splling.

The other side of the plastic cover is padded to aid in tapping off excess powder from the blush. The blush itself is housed under elastic netting. Each compact contains two colours; a full colour blush and a lighter shade for highlighting. The powder has a gorgeous scent - a soft floral fragrance.

L-R: 01 Romantic Sweet Pea, 03 Lady Amaryllis

01 Romantic Sweet Pea swatch

..a sweet combination of icy pale pink shimmer highlighter with sheer baby pink blush

03 Lady Amaryllis swatch

...a combination of pale pink highlighter with bright coral-rose

Here is a sneak peek of an FOTD using the Blossom Blush in 03 Lady Amaryllis.

The blush was a little difficult to apply at first (I made a bit of a mess), as the brush picked up lots of powder and extremely light application was required.


  1. The Jill Stuart Ad is so stunning. I've never tried any Jill Stuart products but they look darling.

  2. VERY gorgeous blush!!! Even the case is pretty and looks very romantic. It looks suitable for you because you have this sweet romantic look ^^ lol

  3. OH GOD, how cute is that bow packaging?! lskjdflksd! ahh!

  4. I'm both happy and sad seeing those crazily cute blushers, happy that there isn't any Jill Stuart counters in Penang and sad that there isn't any Jill Stuart counter in Penang. I fear I would have been a little too 'happy' parting with my hard earned pay check for those babies..


  5. I'm drooling over the color pigmentation of these blushes and the packaging is so adorable as well. I wish I could try this out too, but the place where you got it is all sold out.

  6. oh my gosh, how cute are these!
    Im a new follower, love your blog!
    Hope you have time to check mine out,
    Love Sam

  7. hey gal, you are seducing me... i'm also trying hard to curb the temptation of their latest blush...

  8. oh you look so beautiful & those are such pretty colors! ;D

  9. The Lady Amaryllis is such a lovely shade...thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks great on you! jill stuart has the best packaging...

  11. thanks for the swatches <3! totally agree with you there, the loose powder form is such a mess when applying :S and easy to over-apply as well!

    (i'm actually taking orders for the JS christmas set lol, and all of a sudden there were like 3 people asking for a set within 3 days) O_o

    if you need anything from JS in future, you can let me know :)

  12. thanks for the comment~ G%$E$#W i love the packaging, i am such a sucker for pretty packaging. and your skin is gorgeous!! any tips? :]

  13. sooo pretty!! I love jill stuart packaging!

  14. Great pigmentation and lovely shades.:D

    You look beautiful.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. Their packaging is soooo sweet and cute aren't they??? T_T I've resisted the urge to buy, but only because I wanted the LE shade from this collection and it sold out the first day :o But now I think I'm gonna get the Holiday Coffret so....


    You look so pretty!

  16. Oh woww... Lady Amaryllis looks so elegant and gorgeous on you, Penelope! Love your complete makeup as always - super pretty!

  17. The blushes look so so sooo gorgeous.

  18. They look great!!!! I love the cute packaging!


  19. you look so gorgeous :) love your natural makeup^^
    drey jewelry.

  20. Thanks so much for the great comments!