Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soft and Sweet FOTD with new Jill Stuart Blush Blossom

I've been using a lot of darker colours this Autumn, so I decided to do something different and do an FOTD with softer, sweeter colours. Today's FOTD makes use of a couple of Jill Stuart products, including the new JS Blossom Blush which I've just purchased and done a post on.

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom im Lady Amaryllis

Products used for this FOTD are shown and listed below.

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation
Jill Stuart Blush Blossom, 03 Lady Amaryllis
YSL 5 Colour Harmony, 8
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Black
YSL Faux Cils Volume Effect Mascara
Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer, Pink Berry
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Polish, Katie

This is the eyeshadow palette I used. I chose the light grey and pink shade for today's FOTD

For extra pink glossy lips, I layered a pale pink lipgloss over the Bobbi Brown lip colour


  1. Awww Penn you look so pretty!!! The new JS blush looks great on you and gives such a pretty dolly flush :]

  2. Such a beautiful blush ! I'm always in awe of Jill Stuart packaging ! I'm guessing why people pay such a premium for this brand. And it wasn't much cheaper in Korea ! Lovely natural look ;-)

  3. hey nice FOTD.. hehehe love the colours.. ^^

    just realised your doing PHD?? in UK??can I ask are you a chemist?

    well I'm an industrial chemist so I deal with chemicals pretty much every day..

    thx for dropping by my blog ^^

  4. YSL mascara smells so good <3 I love the look and the hair by the way. I wish I can rock bangs but, I just can't. lol!

    Lovely blog, btw. Looking forward to

    - Mara

  5. I love your FOTD :) You look so pretty

  6. What a lovely FOTD! I also have the YSL eye palette--I must pull it out and use it again soon as it's very pretty :)

  7. you definitely look sweet and soft ;) the blush is absolutely gorgeous on you, the colour suits you really well!!

    love the eye colour combo too!

  8. ohh my gosh your so pretty and your skin looks very nice! I really wanted to purchase the JS, but their either out of stock or they sell it higher than the usual price!

  9. Gorgeous as always, Penelope! :) I like your FOTD, it's so subtle and refreshing! And I'm loving that Jill Stuart Blush! Very gorgeous! :)

  10. What a great look and you have such incredible skin!

  11. i do love the subtle flush on you porcelain skin! a very pretty pink glow :D