Monday, November 15, 2010

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to share with you my new HG cleanser, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I bought it on my recent trip to Toronto. I have sensitive skin which gets even more sensitized during the colder months. I find that quite a lot of cleansers dry out my skin, making it come out in a slight rash. So I'm so glad I came across this cleanser which cleanses so well whilst being gentle on my skin. Sadly I'm on my very last dregs of this product and don't know what to do as they don't sell it where I live!

According to Fresh:
'Ideal for all skin types, this ultra-gentle cleanser contains nourishing amino acids, rich soy proteins, and soothing botanicals to hydrate, calm and tone. Effectively removes every last trace of makeup, even around the delicate eye area.'

My thoughts:
- It's housed in a simple squeezy tube with flip cap. I have taken this product along quite a lot for travelling and it has never leaked or spilled
- the cleanser is a thick gel which is so silky smooth and applies like a dream
- it doesn't lather as much as other gel cleansers, which might give the impression it's almost too gentle on the skin
-I found it cleanses my skin really well, but gently without stripping off too much natural oil from my skin
-It gets rid of face make up, but I would still use a separate eye make up remover to remove eye make up
- after cleansing, my skin felt very supple to the touch
- after a week of use, my skin started to feel very soft and smooth
- the cleanser had a strange organic scent, of maybe soy or cucumber. I got used to the scent after a couple of days, and ended up quite liking it
- It also contains antioxidants. I love this product so much it's now my HG cleanser
- The tube lasts me just over a month

- I love how soft and smooth this makes my skin
- cleanses the skin really well and even removes makeup
- it's gentle and does not irritate or dry out my skin
- texture of the cleanser is silky smooth and luxurious
- fragrance free
- contains antioxidants

- pricey at $38 (US dollars) for 150ml. I don' know the price in pounds as I have yet to buy it in the UK
- smells a bit strange
- quite difficult to get hold of for those of us in the UK. They have one store in London.


  1. Hey Love!
    It's funny how you did a post on Fresh because I went to Sephora today and I saw this product! I believe they had 3 left and it was $15.00 for a 1.7 oz, you make me want to try it now! =)

  2. I wonder if it is still $15 for the 1.7oz^ If it is, I want to get it too! I remember the line being quite expensive in general; the moisturizer is around $50-ish? ...For a small amount too. However, people who like Fresh really love it, I think I'm going to stop in for a sample. What does it smell like?

  3. I got this in a sample set. It did smell kinda funny! but it was alright, pretty good cleanser.

  4. thanks for the great tip ><!! I wish my skin was flawless hahaha... i need a bit of concealer here and there to cover pigmentation. i am crazy about sunscreen - it is a must if i plan on stepping outside my door. my skin has gotten more prone to drying so i am using hadalabo for toner and moisturizer. treatments and cleaner, i use avene and la roche. but similarly i dont use foundation on a daily basis. i never tried fresh but i am running low on cleanser so i might give this a try.

  5. Hi thanks for your compliment. This cleanser sounds great!! I'll check it next time I go to sephora coz i'm about to finish my cleansing foam :)

  6. I wouldn`t mind giving this a try. I am currently using a Japanese soya cleanser and the smell is also a bit strange but you get use to it. When can I find this in the UK?

  7. Thanks for the comments girls!
    @Tammy: the cleanser smells very vegetables (specifically tofu)
    @Pink Dolly There is only 1 fresh store in the UK and it's in Marylebone high street, London W1U 4RD


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