Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy Aya Takano mini haul

Shu Uemura's Holiday Collection 2010 has finally reached the UK. It's called Abracadabra Fantasy, and all the products look super cute and pretty! Aya Takano is a Japanese artist who draws inspiration from science fiction and Japanese manga.

The main attractions of this collection are the adorable palettes shown below.

The Shu Uemura website also includes a little guide on how to achieve the makeup looks of the 2 girls featured in their promotional poster.

From this adorable collection, I bought the Reindeer Kiss Palette xxxx as well as the Miracle Cherry Blush Tint.

The packaging of the Reindeer Kiss Palette is gorgeous. The palette is encased in thick, chunky, good quality plastic.

This is the side view of the case. The plastic is pink on the bottom layer, and clear on the top.

What's in the palette:

The palette contains 3 eyeshadows, one eye liner, one highlighter, one blush and two double-ended brushes.

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows. There are two icy blue colours and one silver shimmer.

Below is a swatch of the chocolate brown eyeliner and the cream/gold shimmery highlighter.

I especially love the palette's blush. It's a cool tone bright pink. I like this palette so much, I bought an additional one as a gift for my sister.

I couldn't resist getting this Miracle Cherry Blush Tint. It's inspired by the blush on the cheeks,elbows, and legs of Aya Takano's cute and sexy characters.

The tint is housed in a small pink squeezy tube.

The tint is in the form of a watery gel, and the colour itself is a strong pinky-red.

Once blended out however, the colour becomes a lot more subtle resulting in a pink tint to the cheeks with a tiny hint of peach.

I'll now leave you with a piece of artwork from Aya Takano!


  1. The palettes are very pretty, but I managed to resist the temptation to get them. ;)

  2. I've seen these in stores. They are so so cute, but a little bit too expensive. The lashes are ADORABLE too, but I dunno if I would wear them if they look too pretty in the packaging LOL.

    I have never gotten anything from Shu Uemura. I heard that their palettes are refillable, is this true?

    Nice haul =D


  3. oh my god! This might have to go on my christmas list.... xxxx

  4. I looove the reindeer kiss palette! I need to get the magic queen palette as a gift for my mom... she has the same coloring as the brunette model ^_^

  5. the blush tint reminds me of lip tints.
    the packaging is so cute! ^^

  6. cute packaging! the colors are soo pretty! very light and girly colors! the collection looks so cool! will have to look out for it here!

  7. yay you got a palette! i agree they're super cute! but i wasn't sold on the colors when i saw them in the store, you're so lucky to have very fair skin to pull off the cool colors! :)

    enjoy! :)

  8. they look so cute. Have to check them in store.xx

  9. Hey love!
    I tagged you on my blog! Anyways, I love the review and my sister bought the brown palette its super cute. I'll probably do a review on it as well!

  10. lovely shu uemura haul! i cant wait to see how you use the palette.

    i have to agree with you, the blush looks so pretty and pigmented! I am curious how the blush tint will work out too

  11. omg i have to get my hands on a palette or the tint because i am a huge aya takano fan plus shu uemura is one of my fav. cosmetic brands ><. great review.

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  13. I love these palettes! I got the Bowwow! Magic Queen palette because I thought it was a bit more every-day cute :) Love her artwork.

  14. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!