Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RMK Face Powder EX Review

Hi everyone, I briefly mentioned in a previous post the new RMK Face Powder EX. Here is my quick review on it:

According to RMK:

"Contains a highly transparent 'Snow Leaf Powder' to blend into the skin leaving a natural veil over open pores and dull tones. 'Micro Bead Powder' infused, it can also absorb excess oil for the perfect finish to last all day. The powder blend is then processes under the [wet grinding] method that brings a rich cream texture for the 'second skin' fit. #N00 for porcelain glow, #P00 for a lucent shimmering glow. #01 and #02 for a half-matte lifting complexion."

I bought the powder in #02, and here are my thoughts on the product:

-#N00 and #P00 were a little too shimmery for my taste. #01 was a very light shade (almost white), and the shade of #02 fits me perfectly

-It contains SPF 10 and comes with a small powder puff that felt soft and luxurious

-To obtain the powder, you have to press the puff into the rubber net and turn anti-clockwise. This grinding method means that you cannot use a brush to apply the powder, just the powder puff that comes with it

-The powder itself is very fine and silky. It provides low coverage

-I found it to have really good oil control, whilst still giving my skin a nice subtle translucent glow

-The ingredients list containes the controversial parabens. Parabens are controversial as they are found in extremely low concentrations in breast cancer tumours. They can also cause skin irritation. Due to this, I am unlikely to use this product often as I normally avoid parabens like the plague.

Here are some pics of the powder on my skin:

As you can see, my skin tone looks a little uneven, so the powder on its own gives only a little coverage.

-Contains SPF10
-Great oil control
-Silky soft, fine powder
-Easy to apply
-Gave skin a nice 'soft focus' effect

-Contains parabens
-Packaged in quite a bulky case
-Due to grating system, limited to applying this with only a powder puff


  1. Yeah, that's an interesting packaging, quite bulky!

    It looks great on you, your skin looks fresh and soft.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Thanks for the quick review! I think your skin looks absolutely amazing! The powder makes your skin look so velvety and soft!

    Ehh, sorry but I can't see any unevenness in your skin!

  3. thanks for the great review penelope =)
    your eyes are super big as well! =)

  4. ive never heard of rmk but your skin looks sooooooo flawwwwwwwless!!

  5. OMG i want it! You can get RMK on ASOS i hope its on there.


    Your Skin looks amazing! x x x

  6. How is the pore coverage? Does it make them less visible? From the photos, your pores look pretty much invisible :X

    I have large pores around my nose/cheek area, and have been on the hunt for a finishing powder that'll help conceal my pores.

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for all you comments. Annonymous, hope you find the powder! If asos doesn't have it yet, i'm sure they will soon! Lisa, I can't say for certain that it's great for pore coverage. I had pretty large pores around the nose area too, until a couple of weeks ago. Then I changed my skincare routine and the pores went alot smaller. The powder certainly helped to conceal pores, and help give a more flawless look. But I don't want to say for certain that it covers large pores unless I'm 100% sure.

  8. Wow, after the pics, I'm tempted! but you do have flawless skin to begin with >.>
    You look really good with it.. niceeeee

  9. You are really beautiful! I love your hair, its perfect for you xoxo