Thursday, October 7, 2010

Illuminating Foundations: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau V. Lancome Teint Miracle

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation

What Guerlain says:

'Silk and linen weave themselves into a second skin... Weaving an imperceptible veil of perfection on the surface of the skin, the softness of natural silk envelops the skin in a voluptuous sensation of comfort & drapes the complexion in a silky radiance that captures & reflects the light.'

-provides perfect, long-lasting coverage
-natural complexion with no mask effect
-complexion enhanced & dazzlingly natural
-light, fuses perfectly with skin so that you forget about it


-good sheer to medium coverage
-contains SPF 20

-gave a gorgeous, smooth, radiant, peachy-skin finish

-quite a few choices of shades


-did not irritate my skin

-had a really pleasant scent


-expensive at £33 (Debenham's is doing a sale for £30)

-does not have great oil control

-coverage may be too sheer for those who prefer full coverage

Lancome Teint Miracle

10 years in the making, this is Lancome's first foundation that helps create the aura of perfect looking skin.

What Lancome says:

'Instantly complexion appears flawless and luminous, as if lit from within. Skin feels smoother and looks unified.'

-hydrated for up to 18 hours

-10x less opaque fillers

-40% less water

-pigments to add luminosity and radiance


-gave a natural dewy radiant finish, with healthy glow

-good, medium coverage

-lasts all day

-does not irritate my skin

-reasonably priced at £25

-contains SPF15

-non greasy


-can look slightly dry and cakey if too much is applied


To be honest, I found both foundations to be really great. They both gave a beautiful luminous long-lasting finish. I would recommend the Guerlain foundation for those who prefer sheer coverage and a more natural look. The Guerlain foundation smells great too. For a bit more coverage, I would recommend the Lancome teint miracle, which still gives a lovely natural look.


  1. Penelope, you look pretty as ever - especially hot with red lipstick on!

    I think both foundations look great on you (as you have flawless skin to begin with!).

  2. woaah, I really love your selca, so pretty just as usual =D

  3. Love the red lipstick! Thanks for the review. =)


  4. i love em both too! esp the second!!

  5. This is gorgeous!
    hope you can visit my blog and show some support if you like :)

  6. Your complexion looks great! The red lips give you such a cute dolly look^^ thx for the review Penelope!

  7. You look gorgeous on that pics!

  8. you look beautiful in both pictures.. both foundation look great on you but the Lancome seems to give a luminous effect. You have great skin anyway :P

  9. The Guerlain foundation looks amazing :) I've tagged you for an award: xx

  10. Omg your skin is BEAUTIFUL!!!