Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Award and New RMK Face Powder EX

Hi everyone! I have received this beautiful looking award from gorgeous Kim at Dottie K.

The 12 lovely blogs I nominate for
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I have recently bought RMK's new Face Powder EX from Selfridges. This model has done a very convincing ad campaign! I know that photoshop may have something to do with this, but her complexion looks gorgeous!

The Face Powder EX comes in four shades:

#N00 No colour type for porcelain glow
#P00 Translucent type for shimmer glow
#01 Lightly tinted translucent type to deliver half-matte finishing
#02 Same as 01, but a darker shade

#N00 and #P00 both contained shimmering particles, though in #N00 the shimmer was more subtle. Shades#01 and #02 did not contain any shimmer, but still gave the skin a glow. Shade #01 was an extremely light shade (almost white), so I chose #02 which suits my skin colour perfectly.

I haven't used this product enough to give a review on it, so I decided to post up some pics of it instead, and do an FOTD with review at a later date.

The powder is packaged in the usual silver RMK box.

The powder case is fairly chunky, but the pale matt silver colour makes it look quite sleek.

The powder comes with a sweet, and very soft powder puff. A grinding method is used to get to the powder. The puff is pressed into the rubber net and turned anti-clockwise to collect the right amount of powder. The powder itself is extremely fine and lightweight.

Sadly because the powder is so fine, and due to the small amount of powder that comes out with each grinding method, I can't provide a swatch of this powder. It looks almost invisible on the skin, so I'll do a FOTD with the powder on so you can have a better idea on what it's like.


  1. Thanks alot for the award! U're so sweet! =)
    I think i might wanna check out the RMK powder soon..It's so pretty!

  2. Oooh, this looks interesting! I've been itching to try RMK products. The new Asos USA site carries some of the line, so may have to order a few things ^_^.

  3. Oh my god..this is the first time ever that someone give me an award for blog. thank you so muuuch^^

  4. Awww thanks for the award Penelope^^
    The RMK foundation looks so luxurious! I've always had my eye on this line but it's so hard to find :x I wanna see you wearing it! :D