Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Husband and I go hiking

A non beauty related post...the sun's come out! It seems like everyone in England is enjoying the outdoors. My husband and I have restarted one of our favourite past times - hiking through the English countryside.

Last weekend's hike started at Lyme Park in the Peak district. Lyme Park consists of a large Grade 1 listed mansion surrounded formal gardens and a deer park. Our hike took us out of the park and over some hills of the Peak District, so we didn't get to see any deer.

This is my husband in his hiking gear.

Five minutes into our hike, we realised that our clothes were matching in every way. I have the ladies version of his boots, vest and bag. Our trousers are the exact same colour, and our sunglasses are horrifyingly similar. I must stress that this is all unintentional, we did not plan to dress like twins.

The hike was great as the weather was beautiful...

... and so was the scenery

The hike brought us through a couple of farms. We came across these lovely cows. It's enough to turn me vegetarian. My husband thinks I'm a wierdo, but I do find cows very beautiful. They have very soulful eyes.

Us (me), happy to see the cows:

Anyway, near the end of the hike we turn back into Lyme Park. In the park there is big hill with a three story building called 'The Cage'. Built around 1735 as a banqueting house, it's since been used as an observation tower, lodging for gamekeepers, and as a prison for poachers. you can see the Cage at the top of this hill. (I have to say, i thought the hill was alot steeper than it looks in this pic!)

It's occasionally opened for visitors, but sadly not when we were there. You can see they sky starting to turn pink in the background.

At the bottom of the hill is the mansion I mentioned earlier. We didn't go inside as it was closing by the time we got there. We were looking abit scruffy and muddy anyway, so we gave that a miss.

Us looking tired and scruffy at the end of the hike:

I thought I'd finish with this picture. It's not one taken from this hike. It was one taken about a month ago when we went hiking with our friends. This hike was terrible. We ended up desperately lost and completely reliant on a compass that cost under a pound. As we spent 6 hours being lost, I took the opportunity to take lots of pics. This is one of my favourites, showing my husband and our friends in the distance, morale plunging, with the sun beginning to set.


  1. Hiking is so much fun! Looks like you and your hubby went on a wonderful adventure. You guys must have been exhausted walking so much.
    You were lost for 6 hrs? That's crazy. I think I would have freaked out really fast. {*HAHA} I hate being lost. =/ Good job on finding your way back though. That's a gorgeous photo for sure.

    The only B.B. Cream I've ever tried is Missha's. It's okay. I feel like it's a bit too heavy for me though. I'm trying to find a good BB Cream for the summer time. No lucky yet.

    <3 Serena.

  2. Sooo nice pics *-*
    I loved your blog, i'll follow you ok?
    Make me a visit later ^^


  3. Looks awesome! I love that last picture, so surreal!

    xo, Diana