Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guerlain FOTD

Looking through my makeup kit I've realised I have enough Guerlain products to do a FOTD with them.

What I love about is Guerlain that it's a really old company, founded ages ago in 1828. I'm not sure when they started producing makeup, but I do know that I really adore this brand. Their eyeshadows are beautiful, really silky with a touch of shimmer.

The products I've used for the FOTD are shown below. Not all are from Guerlain:


Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Vent 05

Guerlain Ombre Eclat in Bal de Minuit
MUFE Aqua Eyes in 2L
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Guerlain Rouge G inBianca B21

I used the Radiance Concentrate as a base under my skinfood BB cream.

It contains gold particles to create a nice radiant glow. The gold particles seem so extravagant that I have been pondering weather to buy it for a long time. Now I'm glad I did as i love it so much. I sometimes quite like to use it on its own.

My skin with both Guerlain base and BB cream:

For the eyes, I used a Guerlain palette in Balm de Minuit, a very neutral but pretty palette:

I used the pearly white shade to highlight under my brow bone, and the pale peachy-beige shade over the upper lid:

I then used the light browny-grey shade over the eye socket, and the dark brown shade on the bottom portion of the upper lid as well as the outer corners of the lower lid:

I'm trying out a pair of circle lenses here. My eyes are not used ot wearing them yet, but they make my eyes look alot bigger!

I tightlines my upper eyelid with brown eyeliner, followed by mascara on my lashes.
I used a peachy pink colour to blush my cheeks:

And a pale rose colour on my lips:
That complete's my Guerlain FOTD:

I'm quite liking the circle lens!

Here's a NOTD thrown in. This is my first and only Dolce and Gabbana nail polish. It's in Nude 210. I really like how this colour goes with all the colours of this season (well it goes with any colour really, seeing as it's nude!) The nail polish was really easy to apply, and needed a couple of coats to get the desired colour.


  1. the Radiance Concentrate does look luxurious! <3

  2. You look absolutely flawless and your makeup is so elegant and feminine! The circle lenses do look very natural, and make your already big eyes look even bigger, hehe...

    The Dolce Gabbana nail polish is lovely too!

  3. I love the blush and lipstick on you. Very pretty!! Love this gorgeous, natural glowy look!

  4. you are gorgeous! im so jealous of your eyelids >< I totally love the lipstick color!

  5. Beautiful flawless skin. Thanks for sharing your FOTD.

  6. Your skin is glowing! Natural beauty. You look so elegant.

    Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold IS very interesting but it looks amazing.

    <3 Serena.

  7. woww.. you look really sweet and gorgeous in this look. It's very natural yet very beautiful

  8. lovely! the blush is perfect for u!

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!! dbichin, my eyes aren't that big, I think its the circle lens!

  10. u look so gorgeous with this make up,I love it..I am also interested in that gold base..ha ha ha...

  11. I love all the colors! So gorgeous<3 Thanks for dropping by and following~ ^___^

    Miss. P

  12. Your skin looks sooo incredibly radiant! You look really beautiful <3

  13. I think I'm going to try out the Guerlain L'or makeup base and that's thanks to you! lol. great post! I need to save up to try out that makeup base

  14. wow guerlain everything~ the french sure makes everything posh & classy

    you looked gorgeous!

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