Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dior Extase Pinks EOTD

Here is the Extase Pinks EOTD that has been requested. Please bear in mind that this is my very first EOTD/tutorial, and I don't think I'm very good at it! Nevermind, I'll keep practicing, and hopefully I'll get better.

The items used for this EOTD are shown below:

Paul and Joe eye colour primer 01
Dior 5 colour shadow in Extase Pinks 804
Bobbi Brown long wear gel liner Black Ink 1
Bobbi Brown ultra fine eye liner
Clinique high lengths mascara Black 01
Heated eyelash curler

I used the following colours from my new Dior palette, which I previously reviewed. I chose the pinks and purple for today's look:

I started with applying the Paul and Joe primer all over the upper lid, followed by the lightest pink shadow from the palette on top. This pink gave my eyelids a pretty, but subtle shimmer.

I then applied the medium pink shadow from the lashes to the crease of the eyelid, and the purple shadow at the bottom portion of the eyelid. I also used the purple shadow on the outer corner of the bottom lid.

I lined the upper eye with the gel liner.

I then added two coats of mascara, using Clinique high lengths mascara. This mascara added a slight curl to my lashes, so my lashes didn't really need curling with a wand.

I curled it with my heated eyelash curler anyway, to finish of the EOTD:

Here's the finished product:

I like this Dior palette alot, as it gave my eyes a really pretty dose of colour. So there you have it, my very first EOTD! Oh dear, looking back on these pictures I realised my eyebrows need serious reshaping...


  1. This tutorial is very easy to follow and it reminds me of the ones I usually see in my Japanese Fashion magazines. =D

    Good job on your first EOTD!
    I really like the colors you used. Not the ordinary neutral colors that everyone usually uses.

    BJs is usually called BJ Brewery. I actually don't think there are that many around the states. This restaurant is known for their deep dish pizzas. So yummy...

    I actually don't have a favorite brand of shadow yet. I only have shadows from MAC, Urban Decay, and Coastal Scents. So far I like everyone of them.

    I think you should do more EOTDs/tutorials with your Dior palettes!

    <3 Serena.

  2. i like your tutorial too...i'm waiting for the next one.