Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter FOTD (fail)

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your kind words in my previous post. Here's hoping that things will look up for me in 2012!

I had a look back at my previous FOTDs and realised they all look a bit the same. So today I tried a different look.. I wanted to create a wintery 'just in from the cold' look, but it ended up looking the same..again!

That's my husband making himself a snack in the backgroud.

I decided to post this look up anyway, and try the wintery look again another time.

Products Used:

Shiseido Integrate Eyebrow Pencil
Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Black
Nars Multiple in G-Spot
Dr. Hauschka Lipgloss in 04

The obscenely named multiple is a new acquisition from Nars' Holiday 2011 Collection.

It looks like quite a dark rouge in the stick, but on the skin it looks more subtle. It gives the skin that lovely rosy cheeks look. Due to poor lighting, the shade is not to obvious on my skin. So I'll do another FOTD for you featuring this multiple.

The multiple swatched on my arm in 2 different lighting conditions to give you a better idea of the colour:


  1. G spot...orgasm....deep throat...they sure are creative! :D

    you look beautiful though!


  2. You look pretty as always! That Multiple! OMG I've been lusting after it for so long.. Damn you NARS!

  3. Oh G Spot looks divine! I despair at the awful light levels in Uk at the mo. It's almost depressing!

  4. aw I love your FOTD posts!! the multiple looks amazing on you. I hope your feeling a little less stressed sweetie


  5. wow I've got to get my hands on some NARS stuff~ it looks so natural!!

  6. GOR...GEOUS! As always : D Your skin looks magnificent. I don't get how your skin stays flawless no matter what season you're facing. T_T my skin's been terrible over winter. Boo

  7. You look lovely! =) And I tend to do the same too with my FOTDs =\

  8. Hi Penelope,
    I love you looks and it inspire me to do more natural looks, so its okay to see you looks! You already got me so many things so, you should save your money for your trip and spend it on yourself! =) If you do get Skin Food product just don't get the pink cream blush because I got one for you already =) don't worry about it, I don't mind getting the blush for you. Thank you for always being so kind to me. =) Btw, whatever you want over here in California, its always a pleasure to get them for you, so don't be shy!! Just go ahead and ask me!!! lol

  9. I love your eyebrows!!! <3! and your natural FOTD is gorgeous!

  10. I enjoy your natural FOTDs a lot!! And you don't need much make-up at all to look so fresh and pretty. :]

    Ah..the multiples from NARS. I've been itching to try one for myself!

  11. LOL. Was hubby thrilled about being on your blog?

    Pretty look. I think your lashes look especially nice.

  12. your eyes are beautiful :) and your husband is too funny making himself a snack in your makeup pics!!

  13. lovely FOTD! you earned a new follower! :")

    have a nice day~

    check out my blog too when you're free~

  14. I wouldn't say it's a failed look. The choice of using G Spot & gloss brought some warmth to your skin tone. I like!

  15. the multiple is beautiful but I think I'll end wasting another one if I ever bought another one. I have my eyes on the illuminator :D You look gorgeous as always, it's a blessing to look great with minimal makeup Penny! hehe