Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: John Masters Organics Shine On

This review will be a very positive one as this product is one of my all time favourite hair care products.

John Masters Organics Shine On Leave-In Treatment for Supernatural Shine & Softness

I love organic products, but for some reason have never tried John Masters Organics before. When I saw this products in my local organic beauty store, I was instantly taken in my the name. Hair with supernatural shine and softness? Sounds perfect.

'Shine On is a natural, leave-in hair treatment that uses organic kelp in place of syntheticsilicone. It smoothes the hair shaft, resulting in supernatural shine and softness, all day long.'

The packaging really appealed to me. The glass packaging gave it somewhat of a luxurious appeal.

The product itself was in a very light gel/pomade form. Though essentially a gel, it did not feel heavy or greasy on the hair. It had a subtle scent that you would find in typical hair gels.

I use a small dollop of this on towel dried hair (in place or hair serum) and let hair dry naturally. Once dry I notice that my hair looks a lot healthier. It has great shine, though a healthy looking shine opposed to greasy looking shine. My hair doesn't feel weighed down at all, though it does feel incredibly soft.

This product can also be used on dried hair. Though I prefer using it on towel dried hair, it does work well on dried hair too. Hair instantly looks smoother and shiny. Though care must be taken not to overload the product on dry hair as in this case, too much product can result in greasy looking hair.

Great packaging
Lightweight and non-greasy
Gives hair great shine
Makes hair feel soft

Pricey at ~ £26/ 113g tub (though this product has lasted me ages)
Packaging makes it more difficult to take on travels


  1. Fantastic review of a wonderful product. I presume you bought it at 8th Day Co-op as you are based in Manchester. I work for both 8th Day and John Masters in the PR department, would you mind if mentioned your review on our Twitter feed? At 8th Day we often have sachets of the shampoos and conditioners so if you are visiting again ask a member of staff from the beauty area about trying some. Jeniya

  2. wow, this looks great.
    i guess it can be used on dry hair to tame fly-aways?
    someone told me women start aging from the top of the heads not on the face, which was kinda shocking to me so i was considering to invest on better hair care products.
    thanks for the review! :)

  3. Dang it, if only this was available here in Malaysia I would have gotten it. My hair is in serious trouble after all the perming and messing around T.T

    Thanks for the review

    1. -free worldwide delivery;)

  4. Sounds like an awesome product although the price is quite similar to Moroccan oil which I'm using now :)

  5. i want to know more information about that. how i get that? please reply as soon as possible…