Monday, January 9, 2012

Korean Beauty: Peripera Review

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a brilliant start to the new year. Mine has been pretty good but extremely stressful. I've been so stressed and worried about things that my sleep is suffering, I'm not eating healthily and my skin isn't looking great. So part of my New Year's Resolution would be to not stress too much, get plenty of sleep and eat healthily.

I recently came across a Korean brand called Peripera. I'm terrible in that I judged this product by it's name and wasn't too impressed with it (it reminds me of Para Para, a plant in the Amazon that is used to cure erectile dysfuntion.) But then I read rave reviews on these products and decided to give them a try. I'm so glad I did as I have extremely happy with my purchase!

I bought the Peripera products from Prettyandcute. First up is the Peripera Wonder Talk Lip Balm in Wonder Red. The packaging is really fun and it comes with an interesting applicator (the pink think stuck onto the side). The applicator sticks to the lip balm tub magnetically, which is handy or else I would have lost it already. Applicator may look funny, but it applies the lip balm really well and prevents sticky fingers and badly applied balm on the lips. Although I did get entremely funny looks from my husband and in-laws with them actually asking 'What ARE you doing?'

The colour of this lip balm is a sweet cherry red. It applies sheer on the lips, though colour pigmentation is actually quite good for a lip balm. With heavy application lips can actually look a bit red.

The lip balm has a semi-sweet, light, fruity scent. It feels a tiny bit tingly on the lips, a bit the the sensation you get with fresh mint. It does not feel sticky at all, and the texture is definitely more of a balm than a gloss. It also gives the lips a slight shine. Here's the product on my lips with just one light layer. It looks nice and natural yet giving me slight rosy red lips which makes me look a little bit healthier (I look a bit ill with a nude lip).

Next up is the Peripera Smile Fit Blusher in Rose Pink (no.3)

I love the lace pattern on the packaging. Really cute. It comes with a portable brush in a separate compartment underneath the blush.

I'm impressed of the quality of the brush. I prefer it to a lot of brushes which comes in the palette of luxury brands (Chanel in particular). The brush is lovely and soft. The bristles are packed dense, and feels silky soft on the skin.

The blush itself looks a tad brighter pink than in the picture above. On the skin it's a bright, yet soft pink. I especially like this blush as it brightens up my whole complexion nicely.It gives the skin a nice 'soft focus' glow and gives the impression that my skin is a whole lot nicer than it actually is! This is the first blush I've come across that does this.

I'll end with a pic of a recent FOTD that featured both the blush and lip balm to give you an opportunity to see what it looks like in vivo.


  1. the lip balm looks good.. I love the natural pink colour.. I should try this product later..
    Thanks for the review

  2. I haven't heard of this brand before, but their packaging is so cute. Though I'll probably lose the balm applicator in a heartbeat! haha

  3. You're looking beautiful and I wouldn't know you are suffering from stress by looking at you :) This brand looks great - I really wish we'd get more Korean brands around here!

  4. You look really pretty, good luck with your New Year resolutions!! Thank you for the review, I've never heard of this brand before but now that I have I will keep an eye out for it :)


  5. Hi Penelope,
    Please do get some rest, its already hard enough just reading how you're suffering from lack of sleep and stress. Hope to hear you get better soon. =) I actually have their lipstick but even since my computer got restore, all my pictures was lost so I never had the chance to do a review and how funny, I was planning to send some of their eyeshadows because I thought you might love the packaging! Don't worry I still have the shadows so eventually I'll send it out to you. I'm planning to get you some of Skin Food cream blush for you as well (the one you saw on my post). Best of luck Penelope and I hope everything gets better soon.

  6. Haven't heard of this brand before, but their packaging is so cute, and the lip balm is such a prettty pink! Hope you get some rest and forty winks, hit the spa & relax :)

  7. Aww, please try not to worry so much about whatever that has been on your mind. I'm sure everything will work out in the end. Though it may seem rough now, things will get better. ^^ Hang in there! The new year is still fresh!!

    Ah~ Peri Pera~ I've heard a few things about this brand...but I guess it's still fairly new to the blogging world. The balm and blusher look lovely on you!! Both give you a sweet, natural glow.

  8. Hope you're not too stressed Penny! Sleep definitely how affects how the skin looks... that happened to be before the new year and I was exhausted.. needless to say I got sick after that, my immune system must have been pretty low but I've been doing 10hrs a day since I got sick lol. It's a cute lip balm and the blush shade is definitely my kind of colour - You look gorgeous with very little makeup Penny :D

  9. Love the products! They look so good on you <3<3

  10. I think you can wear anything and make it look good!! I have to admit, I have not read your review entirely...I have been busy oggling your pretty face! LOL

  11. i'm stress out too. always do beginning of the year. remember to get 8 hrs or sleep. helps a lot to relief stress and for your skin. i'm intrigue by peri peri now.

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