Monday, January 23, 2012

My Latest Obsession: Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Balm

These were actually introduced to me by my mum. She read an article which stated that Emma Watson was a big fan.

I adore the vintage inspired packaging which makes me want to collect them all. But I have to remind myself 'just how lip balm does one need?', and sadly the answer is 'one'.

These balms are rather hit and miss with people worried that they are not moisturising enough. I personally LOVE them. They are great for dry hands too, though due to their small packaging, I only use them on the lips.

They have quite a gritty texture which melts away into a moisturising balm once applied.

They make great gifts too as they are super pretty and are light to carry. I've stocked up on them for all my relatives (my mum is one of 7 siblings - so there are plenty of relatives) when I go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year.

Peppermint and Tea Tree - Quite an elegant white packaging. Super fresh minty scent. Gives a minty tingle to the lips, really gives me a pick-me-up whenever I use it.

Pomegranate - Fun pink and spring green packaging. Has the most subtle scent of the three, an amazing fruity scent that is not too sweet. Hard to describe, slightly lemony. Love it!

Wild Cherry with Sweet Orange - Sweet gold with red cheery and little bird packaging. Has a deep sweet cherry scent that is unlike conventional lip balms are not sickly sweet. Slight cherry and citrus taste.

Why I Love Them:
100% Organic
Gorgeous packaging
Available in different varieties
Comes in 2 sizes, the little one even fits perfectly in pockets
Feels moisturising on lips and hands

Available from Boots and Amazon
~£4.75 (large) £3.99 (small) Amazon
£4.99 (large) Boots


  1. What glorious tins! I shall be looking to buy a peppermint one. This ticks a few boxes for me. Great packaging and tingly feelings!

  2. great buys, i never try any organic balm..
    and thanks for reviewing

    happy chinese new year..

  3. I've just started to test these out (coco vanilla and pomegranate) and love them so far!

  4. These are amazing! Not only are they organic, but they also look extremely cute!

    You're right...they make amazing gifts and they're a lovely thought :)


  5. I love the packaging as well! I'm constantly looking for new brands to try as I slather on lip balms all year round. This is going on my list!

  6. So adorable! The tins are so pretty!

  7. totally agree with the vintage packaging. it's non typical. but i prefer applying lip balm without using my finger. just one of my thing. i'm going to malaysia in april and you're giving me some ideas for souvenirs ;)

  8. oooooh they look so delicious!
    i have a thing for tin packaging and i love that it is organic.
    thanks for sharing this. ;)

  9. I've heard of these and how Emma Watson loves them too! The tins are super cute. :D They seem to work great too!

  10. I actually introduced this brand to my sister back in '09, she loves it!

  11. I love how these are organic and multi-purpose but I usually just use them on my lips.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. I didnt want to comment again on your giveaway post so i thought I would do it here. I gave your blog an award! check it out on my last post :D xoxo

  13. The tins are really cute! I like how these are 100% organic too. I try to avoid using chemicals on my skin if I can. I'll have to see if these are available in the States :)

  14. i also have a lipbalm obsession lol xD

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  16. Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Balms are finally available in Malaysia!

    We have been featured in the December 2011 issue of CLEO Magazine.

    Purchases can be made at our online store @

    While you are at it, feel free to browse through our wide range of natural & organic beauty products as well!

    Happy shopping!

  17. Mmm these look lovely!
    I have checked out your boutique and I can't express how beautiful your products are! You are so talented!! xX

  18. Hi there! you can now buy Figs and Rouge from a Malaysian online webste, who is the stockist for Figs and Rouge in Malaysia!! they are only about RM 18!!! i am such a fan too.

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