Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Nuxe Baume Prodigieux Lèvres

Nuxe Baume Prodigieux Lèvres in Légendaire Pink

Nourishing Protective Lip Care Gloss effect SPF15

Nuxe is a French brand which combines innovative research and development with natural active ingredients to offer high quality, natural-origin cosmetics. Their most famous product is their Prodigious Oil for face, body and hair (which I have yet to try).

I purchased the shade Légendaire Pink, a coral-peachy-pink. The lipgloss stand about 3.8" tall. The quality of the packaging is good with a cold coloured screw top and a spongy doe foot applicator.

According to Nuxe:


This multi-purpose Protective Lip Balm performs miracles on the lips. In just one step, your lips are nourished, protected and enhanced. Mango taste.


Your lips are replumped, smooth and luscious with a transparent gloss effect. This Protective Lip Balm is available in 4 colors: Natural Crystal for ultra-natural radiance, Légendaire® Pink for a subtle rosy shimmer, Shimmering Chocolate for a delicate pearly brown, and Rouge Charismatic® for a delicate glimmering poppy result.


Active Ingredients include: This multi-purpose balm nourishes (Mango and Shea Butters, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils), protects (Solar Filters SPF 15, Vitamin E) and enhances the lips (iridescent gloss effect). Plant Filling Spheres smooth and replump the lips.No preservatives.

A close up of the applicator. The lip gloss has a thick, creamy consistency and contains some shimmer particles. Pigmentation is fairly good for an item that is both a gloss and a nourishing balm.

Paper Swatch:

Lip Swatch:

The lip gloss looks a fresh light-to-medium peachy-pink on the lips. It it not very long wearing and due to its subtle shade, almost dissapears after eating or drinking. The gloss felt lovely and moustirising on my lips. I did not see a noticeable plumping effect, though the glossiness and shimmer gave the lips a full-look.


Contains SPF 15
Results in glossy, full-looking lips
Lovely peachy-pink colour
Made with natural active ingredients


Not long wearing/lasting


  1. That shade looks lovely on you. Too bad it's not very long lasting - although I don't really find glosses long lasting in general.

  2. this lip gloss looks pretty on your lips.

  3. lovely shade! your lips look so moisturized! I have the nuxe dry oil (I really love it for summer). it was a bit drying on my hair though. I would consider it as an 'oil based perfume'. the smell is devine (funny is, when I first smelled I didn't like it as much, lol).

  4. lovely shade on you!
    nowadays i reach for lippies that feel comfortable more often than the ones with killer colors. lol
    i've only tried a hand cream from nuxe and i thought it was quite nice.:)

  5. Ooh, pretty, I'd love to get this :)

  6. This is a very pretty color on you Penelope! I think that most glosses in general are not very long lasting, except for the ones that are super sticky in texture - those seem to have the best wear.

  7. your lips are just the perfect shape. your moving to australia? thats amazing, you will love it I'm sure! I don't think i could hack the heat (I'm trying not to think about the humid korean summers lol) I know a few people who have moved to australia. What prompted the decision?

    hope your well

  8. that colour looks great on your lips!

  9. I've never heard of the brand nuxe but it does sound pretty interesting to try out. I think the color looks really nice on your lips! i'm kind of glad to hear there isn't a plumping am i the only one who never likes those 'plumping' effects? :P
    cool blog, keep in touch! <3


  10. Thanks for the great review and it sound promising. The color looks lovely, something I would choose. I also have the oil but never really tried it, the smell is okay something different.

  11. i never knew Nuxe did lipglosses. Interesting... Whatever it is, any lipgloss/lipstick looks fantastic on you!

  12. your lips are such a cute shape!

  13. that is a gorgeous pink on you.. I think you look good any lipstick or gloss, Penny! I tried Nuxe eye cream, it wasn't that great but I like their concept - so I wouldn't mind trying more of their products in the future!

  14. wow this shade looks stunning and very pretty and i love the product soo cute...i love the desgin of it too..and nice review..soo nice..