Friday, March 2, 2012

Neom Luxury Organics - Utter Relexation Collection

Neom Luxury Organics - Utter Relaxation Collection

Neom is a luxury organic brand from England, dedicated to reducing the amount of chemicals people put on their bodies. They specialise in luxurious beautifully scented beauty and home treatment products.

“Making organics modern, luxurious and highly effective in the most innovative way possible.”

NEOM Luxury Organics

The Neom Promise:

No Synthetics

No petrochemicals, parabens, SLS

Only pure essential oils & finest quality ingredients

100% vegetable was candles (no black soot)

I bought this Relaxation Collection for £20. It contains the following:
Organic Pillow Mist 5oml
Organic Body Lotion 5oml
Travel Candle 75g
Organic Bath Oil 5ml

The candle has a lovely Rose and Neroli scent. It's a calming fragrance, but I felt that the scent could be a little stronger. Though it is a travel sized candle, I found this to be quite a good size - not too small. The full sized candles from this brand are pretty big!

Image comparing the full sized candle with travel sized:

The pillow mist is made from 95%organic ingredients including English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine. The scent somehow is slightly reminiscent of men's cologne. I don't know why that is, perhaps an ingredient with a very slight masculine scent. The spray in this bottle is pretty good. It diffuses the contents well, transforming the liquid into a mist.

The bath oil contains English Lavender, Sweet Basil, Jasmine, Safflower and Jojoba. It's such a shame that this set contains such a teeny tiny bottle as this bath oil smells absolutely heavenly. The scent is really calming, making bath time such a great experience. The full-sized bottle has such great packaging that I'm truly tempted to purchase it after I've finished this set.

Image of a full-sized bottle:

The body lotion is a rich blend of vitamin A & E-packed Shea Butter, Macademia Nut Oil, Rosemary Leaf and Pomegranate. This body lotion is a real treat to use. The scent is gorgeous, and the lotion sinks into the skin beautifully.

Overall, a really nice collection of products. I do really wish the bath oil was a lot bigger, as together with the body lotion is my favourite of the set. I bought this collection for £20 at Victoria Health.


  1. I love your Luxury products and their organic too? That's a win win lol they also look quite elegant as well!

  2. This looks like a really great starter set if you're new to the brand. I love the packaging and how they use all natural ingredients; it's always good to try to reduce the number of chemicals we put into our bodies.

  3. wow that looks so glamorous and i didnt expect it to be organic! great job!

  4. Hello,

    Nice post ! Yes, Neom is a very nice organic brand! good choice!

  5. looks like a nice test kit to try to see if you want more of the product!

  6. ohhh! would love to try these but i don't think these are available in my country. :/

  7. what a beautiful collection!
    thanks for introducing this to us. ;)

    i've had this slightly off feeling towards organic and all natural products, but i believe my opinion is changing nowadays. i put lotion and oil on my body daily, so having less synthetic products around me is only a smart idea. :)

  8. Beautiful products but unfortunately not available in Au :( would live to try the candle esp since it doesn't soot up

  9. So pretty - I can just imagine how delicious it must smell! such pretty packaging too :D

  10. Thanks for your post; I like this post very much.