Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look: Using Naked 2 Palette and Topshop Magical Lip Tint

Hi everyone. Today's look included using the amazing Naked 2 palette that the lovely Riya sent me. This palette is a true joy to use as I'm truly spoilt for choices of shades!

I also used my new Topshop Magical Lip Tint to complete this look.

Group photo of the products used:

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eyebrown Pencil in 963
Clarins Instant Definition Mascara (not pictured)
Edward Bess Blush Imperiale in Soft Orchid
Topshop Magical Lip Tint in Crystal

The shades I chose for today's look are Bootycall (one of my faves, a gorgeous creamy pale beige)...

...and YDK, a stunning brown bronze with metallic shimmer.

I used Bootycall all over my upper eyelids, and YDK near the lashline.

I chose pink shades (as usual) for my cheeks and lips.

The Topshop Magical Lip Tint is from their new Sisters of the New Moon collection. The tint reacts with the skin to create a unique shade. Too fun to resist.

The product itself looks like something a child would enjoy looking at. All pink and sparkly.

Thankfully only a couple of the sparkles transferred onto the lips. On my lips the tint turned a fairly bright pink (slightly darker and brighter in real life than in this pic).

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! Mine is not terribly exciting. Am on some sort of diet to try and lose the extra pounds that have crept up on me this winter!


  1. So pretty! That lip tint looks really fun to use :)

  2. Yous lips look great! I usually see liquidy lip tints though. Never in a solid form. Does it stain or it's just like lipstick?

    1. Thanks! It doesn't stain, so is more like a lipstick/lipbalm.

  3. the lippie is so pretty penny and i love your eyes. the eye look really emphasized your eyes on this FOTD. :D so doll like and beautiful! <3

  4. You look so fresh faced. Really pretty look and very natural.

  5. Such a lovely soft and romantic look! You're beautiful :)

  6. Such a natural look you got there, the naked2 palette is my recent fav too!


  7. very pretty look! that lip tint looks so nice & glossy!

  8. The lip tint is so pretty!! Natural :D I am debating whether or not to get the Naked 2 palette! You look lovely :)

  9. Very pretty and natural looking! You have beautiful skin and the makeup you choose really suits you.

  10. you look beautiful! I really want that lipstick, so fun. I had a barry m one that did the same thing many moons ago. xoxo

  11. You look so pretty Penelope! I love the natural looking eye makeup - it looks like something I would typically wear too. The lip color is really pretty on you!

  12. You lips in perfect shape!
    And the lip tint suits your lips' MLBB!!:)

  13. You are a natural beauty!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. This such a beautiful look Penelope! I love your combo and I'm glad that you're enjoying the palette! =) The magic lip tint looks nice on you as and thank goodness the sparkles are not that much when its applied!

  15. You're such a natural beauty!! Again I'm excited to try the lip tint out :D you look gorgeous in any look!

  16. wow this look is really pretty and wow the lip stick looks really glossy..and i love the post very interesting products...

  17. Very pretty look! I love the post very interesting products...

  18. Youe eyes and lip are so beautiful!