Friday, August 5, 2011

Mac Fashion Flower Alpha Girl & Mac Semi Precious Rose Quartz

I bought two items from MAC recently. Their Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl from their Fashion Flower collection, and their Mineralized Skin Finish in Rose Quartz from their Semi-Precious collection.

(Above: Rose Quartz, Below: Alpha Girl)

I love the promotional pic for MAC's Fashion Flower. It looks fun, pretty and summery. Though it does look a bit like the flowers are trying to envelope her into the ground.

I couldn't resist the Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl when I saw it. Not only does is it embossed with a cute flower design, but it's a gorgeous shade of pinky-peach (my favourite shade for blushes).

You get a lot of product, about 1.5-2x the size of normal MAC blushes.

A swatch of the blush. I would describe it as a pale peachy-pink with a hint of coral and slight shimmer.

A swatch of Alpha girl on my cheek. This was taken on a particularly sunny day, and the sun casted a warm yellow glow on my skin making it slightly harder to see the blush.

On my complexion it looks fairly subtle. It gives my cheeks a wash of healthy-looking, flushed, summery colour.

I wanted to give MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish a try, and so bought one in Rose Quartz from their Semi-Precious range. Like Alpha Girl, the product itself is really pretty to look at. At the centre is a circle of a myriad of shimmery shades which include lime green, silver and pink.

Swatches of the blush; blended together (left), the outer shade (middle) and the inner circle (right).

Blended together, they colours make a devine medium pink shade with champagne-gold coloured shimmer. The blush on my cheeks:

Now this picture was taken on an overly cloudy dull day. I rely on natural lighting for my blog, so picture quality is 100% depended on weather. Rose Quartz is a lot more shimmery than Alpha girl and not as easy to wear, but I do love the pretty pink shade.


  1. I really like AG on you, though RQ is also very pretty!

  2. These look so pretty on you, really subtle and elegant!
    What's your mac shade, if you know it, Penelope? I'd like to know how close we are :)

  3. you look pretty in MAC's Fashion Flower ^^

    follow your blog!

  4. i love Alpha Girl! And that MSF looks so pretty it makes me want to buy it!!! Great post, Alpha Girl looks gorgeous on you!

  5. both blushes look very pretty on you! i noticed you lean towards peach in terms of colour and i don't blame you at all because they always look great on you! :3

  6. i really like the design on the alpha girl beauty powder!! its really pretty!!

  7. They keep re-releasing Alpha Girl, huh? They should just make it permanent already! >: (

  8. Ciao Bella,
    I really love the shade AG... so so so beautiful and it looks just beautiful on your skin tone as well.
    Hope you have an awesome weekend!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  9. gorgeous! I love the look of the second one, and the 1st is lovely too
    I have become quite the blush addict since reading your blog, its funny I never used to wear it when I was younger but I cant be without it now xoxo

  10. Wonderful buys. I went for the Pearl MSF. I should try it soon right? I must not let things gather dust! lol

  11. ooo i like the color on you
    me gna go try it on later on the week:)
    thanks so sharing !!!
    lots of love

  12. All I love all the pinks on you! I shall be sending you a package soon :)

  13. awee the floral patterns are just too cute~!! btw, don't forget to enter my giveaway ok ^^ thank you!

  14. Love those two blushes on you~ such a nice, pretty glow! And, I love the way it naturally brings out the brightness of your face. ^^

  15. This reminds me of Orgasm by NARS, just lighter.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. Love those blushes! I saw them at the store and was soo tempted to buy them =)

  17. wow this colur is soo nice! i have nearly finished my blushed and would love to try them^^