Friday, August 6, 2010

Nars Autumn 2010 mini haul and swatches

Hi everyone, here's a mini haul on one of my favourtie cosmetic brands, Nars. I find myself always looking forward to the release of their new collection, and their Autumn 2010 collection was no exception.

This collection was describes as Victorian vies with femme fatale. I bought 3 tiems from this collection; duo eyeshadow in Tzarine, Strawberry Field lip gloss, and blush in Douceur.

The Tzarine eyeshadow is a highly pigmented, gold infused with silver reflections and a bold, stell grey.

Swatches of the colours:

Strawberry Fields lip gloss, is very much like a glossy lip stain. I love it, and it's my favourtie of the collection!

The colour is a bright raspberry stain:

And lastly, I also bought the blush in Douceur. It's a beautiful nude like pink-brown, which I used to bring a little warmth to the face.

The texture is really soft and blends well with the skin (almost too well, as you can hardly see it in this pic!):

That's all for now, nut i'm already eyeing the Nars Holiday Collection that I've read about some some blogs. Especially a beautiful baby peach-pink blush called Sex Appeal. Swatches can be found in Lipglossing Blog.


  1. The Nars Autumn 2010 line looks really nice, especially the duo eyeshadows and the blush is really appealing to even makes me wanna try it. I actually heard good raves of Nars Organism blush, but it wasn't for me. I think it is too pigmented for my skintone, hopefully the Doucer is good for my skintone that blends well. Thanks for the review.

  2. wow i definitely love the lipgloss on you. very intense, very fall!

  3. thank you so much for following! seriously thinking about trying that lipgloss! its so rich in colour :)

  4. wow that lipgloss looks gorgeous its like between a raspberry and plum shade which will be in this autumn, nice :) Aly xx

  5. The Strawberry lipgloss looks amazing on you! Do you know if the eyeshadow duos are LE? I think that I am going to get the Rajasthan duo from this collection. Although, I really like the Tzarine duo too, but I know that grey colors don't flatter me. :(
    Anyways, Great Haul!