Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tag: 8 Most Worn Things

Hi everyone, I saw this fun tag on Miss Kei Kei's blog in which she tagged all her readers.

Most worn hair product?

Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss
I love the way it smoothes my hair while adding lots of shine!

Most worn lipstick/gloss

Nars lipgloss in Strawberry Fields
My favourite of their Autumn collection. To see my swatch, click here.

Most worn earrings

I dn't wear earrings all that much as my hair covers my ears, making it hard for earrings to be seen. My favourite pair are these that I bought in a little boutique in Den Haag when I used to live in Holland.

Most worn top

I've been wearing this top quite a bit lately. It's a lovely blue and white polka dotted sweater that my mum gave to me as a gift. I think she bought it from Hobbs.

Most worn nail polish

Opi in Dulce de Leche

Most worn shoes

I love this pale blue, gold studded suede pair from Dune.

Most worn perfume

Guerlain Aqua Allergoria, Pamplelune
I love this perfume! It's grapefruit, with a hint of vanilla. I love citrus perfumes and this one is slightly sweet smelling too.

Most worn bag

A little Miu Miu bag with cute bows on the side, given to me as a gift from my husband.

I don't know if the following like doing tags, but I've tagged them anyway:



  1. I love your most worn products a lot, Penelope!
    And thank you for tagging me!

    Loooove your Miu Miu bag! I've been craving a similar handbag like this - I thought, I might get my hands on one by Marc by Marc Jacobs. ;)

  2. You are such an elegant gal! :) I love your taste in nice handbags and perfumes :) I'll gladly do the tag! :D

  3. Thanks for tagging me!! I'm gonna try and do it sometime..I love your Miu Miu bag and your shoes :D

    I am a big fan of Dolce Leche too, it's the perfect colour for nude nails!

  4. {*AAHHH} Another tag I must do. I'm so behind. =X

    I like all of your most worn Items. I think I might have to try that hair product out. Does it make your hair feel oily and greasy after? I'm currently using Biosilk. I'm thinking about changing because Biosilk tends to be really oily [to me].

    I want that Miu Miu bag! I've been deciding on what brand purse to get. I still can't decide. >.< Miu Miu,,, Balenciaga,.. LV... decisions decisions. =(

    Dolce Leche is definitely a pretty color. I have that polish too! But I feel like my outfits don't match the color. {*hmmm} I might have to dig it back out again even though summer is over and fall is around the corner.

    <3s Serena.

  5. Awww thank you for tagging me, Penelope!! BTW!!! I TOTALLY HAVE THAT BAG! heheheh But my MiuMiu is the dusty pink colour in the same style^^ It's so sweet and cute and the bows are darling aren't they? I don't think I could post that as my most worn, since I keep it tucked away in my closet since I hate to have it get wrecked since I'm so hard on my bags (throwing them around, leaving them on floors and etc. :X

  6. I SO want a MiuMiu! I didn't even know that the brand existed until like a couple of months ago haha!

  7. What a gorgeous bag! I don't have any miu miu yet so I must get something for my handbag collection! Your shoes are so cute, too. Does your nars lipgloss not smell? I used to have one and it went off after a few weeks!

  8. i love this post! what a great idea! i neeeeeed that Nars lipgloss now!!!!

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for your lovely comments. It was fun doing this tag!

  10. *Sighs* I'm patiently waiting for my husband to get me my Gucci purse. =(